Schuco, Alside & Simonton-which to chose?

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Schuco, Alside & Simonton-which to chose?

#1 Post by zibasolutions » Thu Aug 16, 2007 7:46 pm

Hello all-

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Background info: 20 year old single pane, wooden windows need replacing due to deterioration (2 sills are completely rotted). Getting 9 standard windows and 2 picture windows. Going with vinyl. Got 3 quotes, waiting on the 4th and final.

Quote 1:
local outfit (The Roofing Company) will use Simonton Prism (not sure if Platinum, etc)
INCLUDED: disposal, hauling away, wrapping, manu warranty-20 yr breakage, install 5 yr warranty
$85/hr to replace rotten wood + parts
Final price without replacement of rotten wood: $5400

Quote 2:
Window World
Alside Windows (Excalibur aka Comfortworld 4000)
CHARGES EXTRA FOR: disposal, storm window removal (included in the price you see below, though)
rotten wood: $50/window
lifetime warranty on labor, I think that it's also on the parts, but I'll check again
Final price: $3365

Quote 3:
Progressive Windows
Schuco (2 options: 2500 or 4000 series)
lifetime warranty parts and labor
Final price: 2500 series ($4285 + $50/window for grids)
4000 series ($5095 + $50/window for grids)
Also $50/window for any rotten windows

Please help. My instincts tell me something is wrong with the lowest bidder, just by the sheer spread.

Thanks again!

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#2 Post by kellsbells » Thu Aug 16, 2007 8:25 pm

I am not one of the pros and don't want to advise you on which windows to purchase. I don't know much about Alside but have heard many good things on the discussion boards about the Simontons and the Schucos. It seems like you can't go wrong with either of those. The Schucos were my personal choice after seeing them. They are awesome...can't wait until they come in. And the quote you got seems reasonable to me based on some of the quotes I have seen here. The advice I do want to give you though is to use the search feature on this site and also on the Tim Johnson discussion board. Do a search for "Window World". That should eliminate one choice for you. Then do a search for the brands that you are interested in and you will see what everyone has to say about them. Good luck.

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Progressive windows experience

#3 Post by SAMANTHA » Fri Aug 17, 2007 9:24 pm


Are you in Southeastern VA?

After reading through this forum for months, we decided on the Schuco windows - you will find most people will agree that they are probably the best in terms of performance, construction, etc.

We ended up going with Progressive Windows in Virginia Beach and was extremely pleased with them. IF you read through this forum, you will find that the "used car" salesperson approach to selling replacement windows is common - and Progressive was not like that --that was the first good thing about them.

Whenever they made arrangements --for sales appointments, for window measuring, or installation--they came on the day and AT the time they said they would They did a great job on installing the windows - there were no "surprises" and the installers cleaned up after themselves and finished on time.
We've had several types of contractors come out over the years, and Progressive was by the far the best to deal with - they were organized, always returned phone calls right away, and did the job when they said they would. I have to say that I was very happy with their work and we really do love the new windows - we can't even hear our (loud) next door neighbors anymore!

Good luck!

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