Installer Questions - Is It Just Me?

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Installer Questions - Is It Just Me?

#1 Post by JimS » Wed Dec 26, 2007 9:12 am

I posted a while back that I was trying to decide on which brand to purchase to replace two large picture windows. We needed sliders and I liked what I saw from Schuco, but the local dealer has quit installing them because of hardware problems. As a second choice, I went with Park Ave windows from Thermal Industries. Since there is only one dealer in each area that carries them, I didn't have much choice as to who to go with.

They've been installed for about two months now and we're pretty happy with them, but I have some concerns about the installers. It wouldn't matter at this point except that I want to replace the rest of the windows and I'm wondering if I should use the same company or just get high end Thermal Industries windows at another dealer (triple pane, but not the Park Ave line).

Here are my concerns:

1. When they arrived, the installers certainly didn't look like the "professionals" I was assured this company employed. They were driving a beat up camper pulling a junky wooden trailer. The windows were in the trailer. Now, none of this would have concerned me, but they also had a sliding glass door for the next job that came loose in the trailer and shattered the glass. Fortunately, our windows were okay, but it did make me wonder about how careful they were about things. I know that I would be darn upset if they called and said that they broke my windows on the way over and that I'd have to wait another five weeks for new ones!

2. When I opened the door, the main installer was holding a radio and a bunch of old bedsheets, which were his "tarps." He then had to send his assistant back to the "truck" to get his tools. I was a little wary when he seemed to be more concerned about plugging in his radio than bringing his tools and installing my windows.

3. After he broke out the old casement frames, he realized that he didn't have any flashing and had to drive to Home Depot to purchase some! It would seem to me that a professional installer would have come prepared. The big problem was that it was freezing that day and we had two large openings letting all the cold air in while he went shopping for about an hour!

4. After he returned, he finished the job quickly. It looked nice except for a few small areas where they nicked the plaster removing the old windows.

Now here are my questions:

Am I being too nitpicky or does it seem as though the installers were unprepared and unprofessional?

Is it normal to have a few small nicks and chips when old casement windows are ripped out?

As I said, after that experience I'm a little concerned about using the same company for the rest of the house. I didn't do all of them at one time because these two large windows were very expensive and I wanted to divide the job into two parts since the rest of the windows are much smaller.

I'd sure appreciate any comments other installers may have!

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#2 Post by ANOTHER WINDOW GUY » Wed Dec 26, 2007 11:53 am

They don't sound very professional to me. My installers know if they nick up your woodwork they have to replace and pay for out of their pockets. I'd be a little nervous about letting them install any future work.
My men are also instructed that radios are ok for outside use only and at levels that don't bother the customer or the neighbors.

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#3 Post by pswimmer » Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:11 am

go to put in your zip code and then search for a particular business by typing in their phone number. You will be able to see how many complaints they have had in the past 36 months and if they are resolved.All companies ( even home depot) subcontracts out most of their work. I guess the most important thing to shop for is warranty of work,proof of insurance ( see the paper with your eyes), a firm quote (not an estimate-they are different) ,signed contract before work begins and discussion of handling damage and unexpected findings .

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#4 Post by terry.qpllc » Sat Apr 12, 2008 12:17 pm

I am a Thermal Industries dealer. You need to call Thermal Industries and file a complaint. They would not be happy with what you said. They market Park Avenue through special dealers and want to present the image of an upscale window. I think their Park Avenue windows are essentially the same as their DH530 or DH700 windows except for the foam filling. Even Thermal questions how much the foam really helps. You can get foam filling in any Thermal Industries window. I'm not sure if it is the same foam as used in the Park Avenue or not. They are a very good window. I sell 2 other brands, but give preference to T.I.

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