Bristol Super Triple-E - A-Plus repl for a 100 yr old house?

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Bristol Super Triple-E - A-Plus repl for a 100 yr old house?

#1 Post by thundrnroses » Tue Sep 02, 2008 11:41 pm

I live in Eastern Nebraska and have a house built 1900-1910, moved into town and set on a new foundation. Original owner did some blow in insulation work and covered the exterior with vinyl. textured the inside walls (over plaster&lathe), which allowed him to keep all the beautiful woodwork intact, and hung new drywall on the ceilings. The house comes with original windows (the kind with the pulleys on the sides), and they are all experiencing some kind of deterioration, from some mold and mildew upstairs to some frames trying to simply fall apart downstairs. It's a one and a half story, meaning the upper floor takes most of the attic space to make 3 rooms and a hall w/stairwell. It has 23 windows. 5 are large in the 2 front rooms and the center of a 3 window setup, with the rest being either narrower or shorter windows. I had my first window salesman come over from Bristol windows and gave me a quote of almost $34,000 dollars (!!!) for all windows installed. Replaced with their top of the line (told him I might as well see the max. cost) BRISTOL SUPER TRIPLE-E - A-Plus windows with three layers of double strength glass, ALPHA-10, a high performance odorless, colorless gas, four layers of Solar Ban 60 Low-E Coatings, BR50 Spacer System, a warm-edge (?) spacer system. With wood grain vinyl on the interior. Which would apparently be accomplished by removing the interior trim, replacing windows, and reinstalling the original trim. Which somehow I don't think will be as easy as the rep made it sound. 6-inch 100 year old oak trim on plaster & lathe.

Any opinions and help are welcome. I just need good ideas and feedback.

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Re: Bristol Super Triple-E - A-Plus repl for a 100 yr old house?

#2 Post by Windows on Washington » Wed Sep 03, 2008 10:04 am

Tip 1 - Educate yourself about windows, what type you want, what options you need, energy efficiency data/values, and the installation methods.

Tip 2 - Get another quote and don't pay $1400+ for a vinyl window no matter what BS they feed you about it.

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Re: Bristol Super Triple-E - A-Plus repl for a 100 yr old house?

#3 Post by Delaware Mike » Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:15 am

"Once a customer sees our window presentation, the window itself will demand at least $1K per window." Quote from the Bristol sales rep trying to get us to switch to his window line.

Keep shopping!!!!!!!!!!!

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