This message brought to you by Home Depot

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This message brought to you by Home Depot

#1 Post by JScott » Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:46 pm

If I worked at home depot and came on to this board to pitch my company I would probably be banned. Can you do something with the poster named Klambake or whatever they use to identify themselves. Other professionals come here to help consumers as well as to help other professionals. This person comes here to tell us to use HD. If I am out of line please delete this post and I will understand. Thanks for your time.

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Re: This message brought to you by Home Depot

#2 Post by VRWAdmin » Tue Apr 07, 2009 10:00 am


Your certainly not out of line, we appreciate all the help we get policing the board, especially to those who use the report function that visually flags inappropriate content. That really helps us easily find posts we need to delete.

As far as the Home Depot robot you pointed out, he has been deleted as a user and hopefully all his posts as well. If you find any others please let us know.

We are going to take a moment here for a rare rant on our part. What bothers us to no end is why companies like Home Depot, WW, and others that tend to be controversial players in the replacement window market place don’t have some higher ups come and participate on these boards in a professional, informed manner. These companies occupy a significant role in the industry, install countless windows every year and yet they can't find the time to answer one single question from the thousands of consumers who want information on their products and services. Instead they allow the "Klambake's" to spout regurgitated brainwashed drivel that does nothing but turn consumers off.

You can make the folks at Google even richer by advertising through pay per clicking 24/7 but until you embrace the social community space (i.e. discussion boards, ect.) of the internet you’re missing out on the most direct means to actually get right in front of the consumers who want to know what you have to offer. Maybe “Klambake” is the best they have to offer on the information front.


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