Ellison 1300 series/American Craftsman

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Ellison 1300 series/American Craftsman

#1 Post by joesat78 » Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:39 pm

Need help deciding on the replacement windows that we have planned to buy and install it ourselves. Don't want to buy cheap or buy expensive - a mid-range product is what we are looking for.
Initially, we liked the American Craftsman 8500 (from HD) .3/.3 U/SHG. A checked with one more dealer and he is willing to give me an Ellison 1300 (never heard before).3/.3 U/SHG. I want to know how they compare against each other.
I'm also open to consider Simonton and Gorell - how do these two compare with American Craftsman 8500 and Ellison 1300?

Would like to hear from people with experiences with the above brands. (Removed pricing - read somewhere specific pricing is frowned upon in this forum)

Thank You all.

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Re: Ellison 1300 series/American Craftsman

#2 Post by windowmike » Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:46 am

IMO for 0.30u/shgc The Prism Platinum is your best choice. The platinum has the stepped sill design, 3/4" coil balance, weld relief on interior of sash. Prism is available from Norandex, the identical 5500 is available at other outlets; big orange and supply houses. I prefer to upgrade to the one inch glass package with super spacer. Mutiple units factory mulled. Great service too. triple pane is also available in their 9800.

Gorell is a nice product; 3/4" coil balance, intercept spacer and triple pane is available. Gorell's white is more of an off white color.

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