PGT SpectraGuard vs. Pella Thermastar?

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PGT SpectraGuard vs. Pella Thermastar?

#1 Post by scottalan » Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:41 pm

So here is my dillema I have decided to narrow it down to 2 windows the Pella thermastar or PGT SpectraGuard series 2300 obvioulsy both vinyl and double hung low e and argon. I have looked up enough reviews and discussions on the pella thermastar and encompass which pella says are the same window just one is branded for lowes. The thing is I had a private contractor give me a quote for windows and he uses the PGT SpectraGuard 2300 series and I have looked all over the internet to find reviews and such but cant find anything so if anyone knows about these windows and the company please help me. Also does anyone know more about the super spacer nxt that PGT uses vs. pella warm edge spacer. Another question is there any difference is they install the replacement windows form the outside or inside?

Lowes- 12 double hung windows and 1 slider - pella thermastar - vinyl

Contractor - 12 double hung windows and 1 slider - PGT SpectraGuard series 2300 - vinyl

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Re: PGT SpectraGuard vs. Pella Thermastar?

#2 Post by Windows on Washington » Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:54 pm

You need to keep looking. Eliminate the ThermaStar from any consideration of purchase.

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Re: PGT SpectraGuard vs. Pella Thermastar?

#3 Post by TLHWINDOWS » Mon May 03, 2010 8:11 am

PGT is a main seller for me. Solid AI numbers, thick vinyl for strong extrusions, re-enforced meeting rails, full lengh meeting rail lockers. PGT is a Florida company that specializes in Impact windows. This is there non impact window to compete for the non-impact window market.

It is a solid performer.

I've never had to go back on a PGT to replace a bad part or because there was an "issue".

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Re: PGT SpectraGuard vs. Pella Thermastar?

#4 Post by nautical28 » Tue May 04, 2010 4:18 pm

I sold PGT products in S Florida for years. Mostly impact and aluminum, but, I am familiar with there vinyl products too. They make a good solid product. I'm not nuts about the ThermaStar. The Thermastar warranty is pretty bad once you read all of the exclusions, like normal wear and tear, etc.

All in all, Champion makes one of the most efficient windows and has a great warranty. I've sold them too. The price is too high in my opinion, Double Hungs w/ Grilles and Exterior Trim Wrap installed for around $625.00 each. I think they ought to be about $550.00, but they spend like crazy on marketing.

Still, it is a very attractive window with a U Factor of .28 and SHGC of .19-.21 and other features making it very high quality. So, for a $1500.00 dollar or so difference you may want to consider them. My customers sure loved them. Especially for reduced power bills. Otherwise, I recommend PGT.

Dave in NC

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