Avoid QuietSolution -- can't deliver for more than 5 months

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Avoid QuietSolution -- can't deliver for more than 5 months

#1 Post by CaliHawk » Wed Jan 11, 2006 12:47 am

Hi all,

I am new to the board, but I would like to contribute by warning everyone who are shopping for windows to avoid the company QuietSolution. Web site: http://quietsolution.com/

Here is my experience with this unprofessional company.

We placed an order in Aug 2005 and paid 50% deposite on Aug 26th. The contract said they will have windows installed by end of October. No one contact me from the company in Oct and I sent email and called. They told me that they are moving their factory and had some problems with the manufacturing line, they told me to wait till 2nd or 3rd weeks of Decemeber, then the installation will be done. So we tried to co-operate and changed our vacation plan and waited. Contact them in Nov to make sure everything is on schedule, they said ok. First week of Dec, we contacted them again, they said need to check with product manager. No one contact us anymore (again). Tried to send email and call them 3rd week of Dec, no response at all, apparently they have the company close down for the week of Christmas. (I am very mad by now since no one contact us ever when they can't deliver, we have to find out ourselves. Plus they said to check on status, but never return any phone call and don't even telling us they will be closing down for the holiday).

Finally after the new year, I called 1st week. Guess what? They said they have some material short on order and our windows are not even in production until January 10th, 2006. At this point I said, enough of this and forget about dealing with company running money business like this and not providing minimum service to their customers. I asked for full refund, and they told me it will take 30 days to get a check. I told them I paid them with credit card 5 months ago, and need to refund my credit immediately. No words if they are doing it yet, I am calling their CFO since it needs his approval to do so. However, I left 2 messages already and he never return any phone call yet.

I am going to file a complaint to BBB and also thinking about to go to small claim court for my interest for the past 5 months. Will keep the board update.

For now, my advise to everyone on this board is avoid this unprofessional company. I don't care how good the windows they can make, if they can't deliver and not running the business professionally, that means they will be out of business soon.

Also, I learned the hard way that to check the company that you deal with in BBB first. I found out after the fact that they have a chain of complaints on delivery. I wish someone told me that before I spent my time and money.


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#2 Post by ANOTHER WINDOW GUY » Tue Feb 28, 2006 6:00 pm

Your going about this all wrong, you should be calling the District Attorney. They are guilty of a number of offenses under your laws.

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