American Exteriors - anyone else used them?

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American Exteriors - anyone else used them?

#1 Post by tnord » Fri May 09, 2008 10:10 pm

I've had a couple window reps knock on my door the past couple weeks, and since I am in the market, I figured what the heck.

The first to come through was Anderson, who threw me an estimate I felt was pretty high. From the brochure and the guys sales pitch, seems like a decent product, but for the price I don't know if it's worth it.

The second to come through was "American Exteriors," who I'm not really familiar with, but seem to be bigger out west. The guy I met with I liked, and I am somewhat happy with the bid. I'm a little uncertain about going with them (or anyone else for that matter) because I know so little. Sure, I know the general features I want (low-e, vinyl, argon, devided light, single hung), but I really don't know who to go with and what I should expect to pay. It's like trying to pick which make/model of car to buy when all I know is I want a V6 RWD coupe with a manual transmission.

I'm open to recommendations for any other mfg's/installers in the Kansas City area.


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