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Appleby windows

#1 Post by pennsylvania » Sat Dec 17, 2011 6:56 pm

I just wanted to share a pooir experience with a living room replacement window that cost nearly $6000. Appleby WIndow Systems in York, PA had poor salespeople. I told them that despite a good price, I wouldn't buy from them because they salesperson was so poor and unknowledgeable. They sent a 2nd salesperson who was pushy but still gave me a good price and promised me a quality window that would meet my needs. I specifically asked for a 16 to 18 inch shelf on a bay window for the living room and the salesperson said that he could have that done. Long story short, the final product was a 13 inch shelf. The Appleby installer couldn't finish the install because all the molding was not included. Also, after the installer left, I noticed that he didn't do a very good job since the molding and shelf didn't meet. There were a couple of other issue involving gaps. I tried to fix these issues myself since I was anxious to move on since it was nearly Christmas and I wanted to decorate. 2nd installer gave me a time he would be there. I took off from work and he never showed. Lost time. He did show the second time. I he finished the molding. I also asked himif he could finish setting the 20 or more nails that the 1st installer didn't set. He agreed, but I later saw the he only set some of them. I complained in a letter to Appleby about these and other things that I felt they did poorly. he GM left me a message but when I called back and left a message about when I could be reached, my call was never returned. I will never deal with this inferior company again, and I don't even want them to try to reconcile this because they have lost my trust. What they call a "triple pane" looks like a double pane to me. It does no better at filtering sound than the previous 20 year old double pane did and the cheap pine wood feels cold to the touch. If you want to buy a good window, stay away from these creeps. Also, neither salesperson was able to show me the warranty, whcih they swore was a 55 year warranty that would cover everything and provide free replacement if the windows ever leaked. RIght. I'm still waiting

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Re: Appleby windows

#2 Post by Window4U (IL) » Sat Dec 17, 2011 7:51 pm

pennsylvania wrote:What they call a "triple pane" looks like a double pane to me. It does no better at filtering sound than the previous 20 year old double pane did...
Sorry to hear of your experience. The part I'm going to address is the above quote. Triple is not meant for sound-proofing and does no better than double pane. If they told you it did, then that was a lie.

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Re: Appleby windows

#3 Post by Delaware Mike » Sat Dec 17, 2011 7:58 pm

Sorry to hear about your experience. With the price that they charge, one would expect better craftsmanship. I had a homeowner who lived very close to their manufacturing facility so I decided to stop in a few years ago. I was amazed at the condition and age of all of their full size window samples. I felt like I was in some sort of time warp. Everything seemed like it was from the 90's.

Unfortunately for marketing companies like the "Appleby" concept, they can have a high turn over of sales reps. Very few reps would be able to answer a technical seat/head board dimensional question unless they were able to contact someone in manufacturing during daytime hours. These guys will say anything to get the sale usually as they absolutely will not have a second chance with a homeowner once they leave the house without a signed contract.

One of the things I really appreciate about my Sunrise price book regarding bays and bows is the fact that they list the tip to tip depth of the seat and head based upon a size chart.

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