Sears Weater Beater Windows

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Sears Weater Beater Windows

#1 Post by WEATHER BEATEN » Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:18 am

I would like to share this with others when purchasing windows from sears be aware that the salesman lies to you about the warranty! I was told that my 4500.00 dollar windows were guaranteed for as long as we own the house we put them in. They were installed in 2007. The screens also have a life time warrantee and we were also told that this warrantee is transferable to the new owners if and when we sell the house. Well guess what? The part they lie about is the labor for them to come out to the house to repair the issues with the windows. $100.00 upfront and additional to do the repairs! Quote from salesman, "If the neighbor is mowing his lawn and a rock breaks the window or even cracks it just finish breaking the window, call Sears and they will replace the window no questions asked." Liars! Liars! Liars! I can fix the screens myself for $20 and the window track I will live with.

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Re: Sears Weater Beater Windows

#2 Post by LeakyWindows » Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:53 am

Thanks for posting this Weather Beaten. The labor can be as expensive as new windows.

I am finding that a LOT of windows, even the most expensive ones, do not have a good warranty. Renewal by Andersen warranty for the sash is only 5 years.

I've had salespersons tell me that their windows have a lifetime warranty, but when I read the paper it says that applies only to the insulated glass. Warranty needs to cover the seal, sash, and all operational parts too. I don't expect that windows will last forever but hope they will last 20 years and be climate efficient.

The windows today can be more efficient than they were in 2007. So at least you will have that.

I'm dealing with HOA color issues at the moment. Not all manufacturers will color vinyl windows so have a smaller pool of manufacturers to consider.

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Re: Sears Weater Beater Windows

#3 Post by HomeSealed » Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:08 pm

Definitely advisable to look at a labor/workmanship/service warranty as well. Manufacturers as a general rule do NOT cover the installation of defective parts, only the supplying of the parts. That installation comes down to the policy of the company selling and installing them, and should be provided in writing.

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