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Fargo's Family
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Brand comparisons

#1 Post by Fargo's Family » Sun Apr 30, 2006 11:06 am

We are beginning the process of getting quotes for replacement windows. So far we've talked with Evans about Eurocraft and will talk in a few days with Pella, then some others. The Eurocraft product seemed very good, but it was a car dealership pitch, which was irritating. Does anyone out there have similar experience comparing brand quality and getting bids on brands like Eurocraft, Pella, Milgard, Anderson, Jeld-Wen and Marvin? We're particularly interested in how these windows have performed after they've been installed and whether the installation process went smoothly. Any feedback would be greatly welcomed!

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Lotsa brands

#2 Post by Tru_blue » Sun Apr 30, 2006 6:20 pm

Wow you've mentioned some very different brands. Andersen is wood/vinyl clad (but also make a composite window made of wood fibers & vinyl), Pella is wood/aluminum clad (but also make fiberglass and vinyl windows). Marvin is wood/aluminum clad (but also make fiberglass). Milgard is vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass (but also make a wood/fiberglass hybrid). Jeld-Wen keeps buying up companies so they make a bit of everything, and Eurocraft is all-vinyl.

My own impressions after having been in the window business for 28 years is that Pella, Marvin, and Andersen are all respectable window companies (although I don't personally care for Andersen's Renewal replacement unit), Milgard is usually well-spoken of on these boards. Jeld-Wen . . . well . . . I like the others better ;-)

I don't know much about Eurocraft because it is only sold in the Northwest, but I do have concerns about their products, just based on what I've read about at their website. They justifiably point out that their windows are much stronger than conventional vinyl windows because they put metal reinforcements in them. Vinyl, by itself without reinforcements, can be weak and have much more deflection in high winds. However, Eurocraft states their vinyl window is "the only American-made window with main frame metal reinforcement." They're not. Also, on the fine print on a different webpage they state "Eurocraft windows are metal reinforced in the header, additional metal reinforcement is an option." So much for their 1st statement. One last concern is that they will do painted colors on their vinyl windows, unlike the vast majority of other vinyl manufacturers. There is a reason that vinyl companies normally do not offer any colors other than white or variations of almond: longevity. But there are a few out there - time will tell. If I were going to get a special color, I would much prefer fiberglass or wood/clad, which are very safe, proven choices for multiple colors.

As for performance, proper installation is crucial. Any installation stories shared by others at this forum may not be indicative of what you will experience regardless of brand. Suffice to say that you should choose a contractor/installer/company that has a proven track record in the area that you live in. A company with a wonderful installation crew in one city might have a sloppy crew in another city.

Another comment about performance: fiberglass tends to be among the strongest of window materials, followed closely by wood and aluminum. Vinyl that is reinforced is a great product, and even non-reinforced vinyl windows (although in average or smaller sizes) are designed to perform well (again, when properly installed). Between reinforced vinyl, fiberglass, and wood/clad, take your pick: all can perform well but vary in their appearance, options, and warranties.

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what about Ideal windows?

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