Home Depot Window Installation Experience

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Home Depot Window Installation Experience

#1 Post by rattanbamzai » Sun Aug 13, 2006 6:58 pm

Home Depot Window Installation: The following comments are offered regarding the installation of 6500 Vinyl Windows at our home by the Home Depot in the State of Illinois, (Northwest suburb of Chicago).

Our signing of the contract included naming of a Project Manager, a Project Coordinator, a Sales Consultant etc., sounded great & professional, until on the day of installation (Saturday), two gentleman (not named in the contract) showed up to install 15 windows.

First three windows were completed from inside without replacing rotten wood. A cell phone complaint was made to the Sales Agent since the Project Coordinator does not work on Saturdays. The three windows were removed and the installers cut the rotten part & supported it by small pieces of wood (smaller dimension than the replaced wood). The installer stated that the Home Depot does not supply wood.

Out of these three removed windows, it was shocking to notice that one of these windows was installed with a hole in the left corner; picture evidence is kept for records. A new window was subsequently ordered and the work was undertaken on two different days, about a fortnight apart, leaving the whole house in a mess since the beds/child care items etc. were moved, causing extreme inconvenience.

The contract clearly stated that that only one person to use the roof of the screen-porch while working from outside, since the structure was weak to take the weight. Both the installers were seen jump on the roof & work on the windows from outside. It seems they were in a hurry & were not aware of the terms of contract.

After the installation, a gaping hole was noticed in the outside caulk of lower window, the only window at ground level and therefore could be seen by us while standing from outside. The Project Manager showed up with a caulking gun following our complaint and the gap was filled. The caulking quality of the other 14 windows located at higher levels has not been checked by any one.

Two window weather seals have already come out of the grooves. A complaint was made on 6/22/06 under ticket # 78913. As of today (8/13/06), the complaint is still outstanding. Picture evidence of all the above has been kept for our records.

The cost of each window $610.

It seems Home Depot subcontracts installation projects to other companies who further subcontract the installation work to a lowest bidder. THD At-Home Services, Inc. was the company that was involved in the work indicated above, and the installers appeared to be free-lance workers since their van had no name written on it.

The above experience is posted on the available web sites so that it serves the reader a guide in making a decision before signing any installation contract with Home Depot. During our initial research, we came across good looking, similar type cheaper windows available with similar warranties directly manufacturer installed, and eliminating in-between brokers. Unfortunately, we decided for the Home Depot because of their name, since we had no prior experience.

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#2 Post by greymouse » Mon Aug 14, 2006 1:03 pm

I am thinking of the same right now, Home Depot. Could you list the other windows that you saw and were contemplating? If you had to do it all over again what would you have gone with instead of Home Depot. I live just northwest of Chicago. Thanks for your input.

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