Where to caulk????

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Where to caulk????

#1 Post by ranchbabe » Sun Nov 12, 2006 10:23 am

I am installing new vinyl windows complete with vinyl brickmold into wood openings with aluminum siding. I have J-mold around all four sides (between siding and brickmold) and drip cap on the top (between J and brickmold). I caulked all around the edge of the window's nailing fin to help secure the brickmold. Trying to caulk between the J and siding is pretty near impossible with the profile of the siding. The only other place to caulk would be between the J and the brickmold and under drip cap. OR will all this caulking not let water out if it penetrated somewhere else. Perhaps all this vinyl molding is all that is required.

Please respond ASAP as the weather here is getting to freezing and I really need to finish the project. Thank you, thank you.

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