Simonton Option Questions

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Simonton Option Questions

#1 Post by TwinScrewed » Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:39 pm

After being frustrated for a year with window companies and sales men, Ive finally decided to cut the middle man out and order direct and hire an installer. I have a block home in florida that was built in the early 80's with a stucco finish, the current windows are builder grade single hung aluminum single pane windows..

10 Windows
37x50 1/2 (2) Mulled
37x26 Obscured (2)
53x38 1/4
36x38 1/2
37x75 3/4 (2) Mulled -
37x75 3/4 (2) Mulled -
53x62 3/4
53x62 3/4
52 3/4 x 50 1/2

Loe366 glass package 1" IGU, SuperSpacer, 1 Surface Loe366, Argon with meeting rail reinforcement with full screen

Is the solar package worth the extra 3.50 a window? The integral deluxe fin option thats to make it more of a new construction type window correct? And for the two 37 x 26 bathroom windows are they to small for the 5500 line, The custom size page is ripped out of the book I borrowed? This is all I can think of for now, hopefully thats it so I can finalize and order.

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Re: Simonton Option Questions

#2 Post by Skydawggy » Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:25 pm

I'd go with the ETC Super 366 glass. SHGC of .18. You can get a 37x26 double hung window. I would also suggest you have the installer do the final measurements on the windows. That way if one comes in the wrong size, it's his fault not yours.

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