Casing and apron size

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Casing and apron size

#1 Post by jschu121 » Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:28 pm

I recently replaced our old, metal casements with double hung vinyl windows. We have a brick house with masonry construction. The old windows had a stool and apron on the bottom of the window, and plaster returns from the interior wall to window jamb face. I removed those plaster returns to take out the old windows and make room for the new ones.

I've installed wood extension jambs and stools (assembled as a single unit). I'd like to use 2 1/4" casing to match the doors in the rest of the house, and that will work for the head and legs. The problem is under the stool. The old windows sat lower than the new, and there's a 3" gap from the bottom of the stool to the plaster. Will it look bad if I use a wider apron than side casing? If so, should I use a different profile to try and hide the difference? I'd like to avoid having to patch the plaster, especially since the firring strips stop at the current opening. Thanks in advance.

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