Schuco FJB Quote - Validation

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Schuco FJB Quote - Validation

#1 Post by nmetro » Sat Oct 06, 2007 10:42 pm

I had a Schuco demonstration today by FJB in Newington Ct and "signed on the dotted line". I did much research before the salesman arrived and was already aware that Schuco was the top of the line vinyl replacement window. I then did more research after the salesman left which brought me to this discussion board (a very informative one I may add). Well, after viewing some posts of quotes given to other Schuco customers I am now thinking I may be paying way too much!
The following is what I signed off on:
4 Triple glass double low E Krypton Sliders 45"x 50" Model:Insul-Sash 2000 = $6908.00
Three of the 4 sliders will be replacing space that could have occupied 6 casement so they will need to remove the middle interior wood beam. They will have to do the same with the single remaining slider. Original quote was 5% more before I brought up "Managers special". This also includes a 12 month deferred "same as cash" finance plan. House is a 50 year old Ranch.
I understand sliders are more expensive than double hung and I realize these are pretty big windows but over $1600.00 a piece seems way out of the ballpark according to this forum. PLEASE let me know what you think ASAP as you well know I have 3 days to reconsider.

Thank you all so much.

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