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Quality of Wiindows/quote

#1 Post by samat40 » Fri Feb 22, 2008 11:08 am

We are north of Fort Worth, and have received 2 quotes.

First "sign today with 20% off" for Quantum 2s. We were convinced of the quality, but the price was high. So of course we signed...and cancelled the next day.

4 - 32 x 84 oriel DH
7 - 36 x 84 oriel DH
1 - 48 x 84 oriel lower part tempered DH
1 - 60 x 48 slider
Low e/"foam filled sash and frame"/"Q film heat mirror"/twin air spaces filled with Krypton/Dual Sealant, yada-yada
13 windows $15,141.00 lifetime warranty

Second-- No pressure, locally made windows "Thermal Windows DFW" owned by J & M Glass.

2 - 32 x 84 picture tempered aluminum thermal break
2 - 36 x 84 casement tempered aluminum thermal break
7 - 36 x 84 oriel SH virgin vinyl
2 - 60 X 96 picture windows, tempered, vinyl
1 - 48 x 84 oriel SH vinyl
4 - 36 x 72 eyebrow vinyl w/ grids
6 - 60 x 44 single slide vinyl
1 - casement eyebrown w/ grids
2 - 36 x 84 oriel SH vinyl w/ grids

27 windows $15,505.61 lifetime warranty, in-house install crews, transferrable but reverts to 20 year. 5 year glass breakage.

Comfort Ti-AC36 Spectrally Selective Low E Coated Glass/Double pane/"Commercial performance standard construction"/Only add gas if requested but claim that for Texas it is less necessary (affects U value primarily) and always leaks over time.

They claim to build a stronger window than Don Young. U-value is only 35 but SHGC is better than most. I am a little unsure about the spacer. Not swiggle, not superspacer. I think it is metal with warm edge, hot melt butyl seal, dual PIB seal. Older more time consuming method, but they say they have minimal failure rates on IG with that and want the windows to perform over the long haul. Frankly, the spacer thing confuses the heck out of me.

Obviously the second quote is for a lot more windows. Apples to apples, the equal amount of windows was $7382 -- maybe a bit more with less of a quantity discount. We also changed 4 windows from DH oriel vinyl to 2 picture and 2 casements in aluminum. He recommended the aluminum casements over vinyl for overall performance. We also went with single-hung since we don't see the need for the double hung.

We have big windows and the house is hot in the long TX summer, and cold in the winter. We want to improve our energy efficiency, but not do overkill. I hated the width of the quantum 2s. The second company uses narrower frames because customers prefer it for the most part.

So, we are definitely considering the second company. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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