Power Windows and Siding in Philadelphia area- good windows?

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Power Windows and Siding in Philadelphia area- good windows?

#1 Post by fourempties » Sun May 04, 2008 8:22 am

After a lengthy dog and pony show from the salesman at Power Windows and Siding, I ended up getting a quote that boiled down to about $650 per replacement window installed. Sizes are almost all 36" x 54", Double Hung with grids and the price includes aluminum capping on the outside.

Their windows look pretty damn good to me, but does anyone know anything about the quality, or about the company? And what about the price they gave me?

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Windows on Washington
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#2 Post by Windows on Washington » Sun May 04, 2008 12:15 pm

Power windows is not listed on the NFRC so I am guessing that is not who makes the window but rather the retailer.

You will need to find out what product they are using in order to evaluate the product more completely.

Numbers don't lie and they are what should be the basis for comparison.

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Re: Power Windows and Siding in Philadelphia area- good windows?

#3 Post by insightray » Sat Mar 21, 2009 7:48 pm

I just completed a sales mantra from PWS along with the complete dawg and pony show and the salesman seemed offended when I kept pursuing as to who manufactured their windows. He claimed they were a proprietary product manufactured by them but could not say where the factory was located. Half truths and lies I have no patience for so the "interview" ended relatively shortly after that. Still have two quotes to go . Alco Windows Monday and a private contractor on Tuesday. Still searching for information on Alco Windows and only can ascertain they they are affiliated with Veka the German fabrication company but they do have a plant in Philadelphia, PA. Leaning towards the Okna window.

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Re: Power Windows and Siding in Philadelphia area- good windows?

#4 Post by advanced_energy » Sat Mar 21, 2009 10:32 pm

veka manufcatures extrusions and based in ohio or near there..good products.they manufacture for Vista windows.

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Re: Power Windows and Siding in Philadelphia area- good windows?

#5 Post by Delaware Mike » Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:02 am

Power Windows has North East Buidling spec max out their "Crusader" series for them. It's basically a blue white welded window re-designed for Sashlite spacing. They throw in self-cleaning glass, foam filling, glass breakage, and one lite of tempered glass. The locks are very ugly and so is the overall look of the window. It has about an average amount of weatherstripping for a low to mid-grade vinyl window. The tilt latches are the cheapest in the industry. I'm pretty sure that it's not AAMA tested for air and water, just NFRC with an overall U-factor of .27. Without the Sashlite (don't like) it would be about a.30.

In their presentation they make this window out to be the best window ever. Their pitch is just like so many others in that they that educate their customers to think that Power's competitiors still sell mechanical cornered windows with aluminum box channel spacers, thus their window really shines. Power's DH's start at about $700 a window without grids of metal rips. You can get them to drop their pants and come in around $650.00 a window, if you can put up with the "five calls to my manager" type of BS.

Power will be one of the (10) largest window and siding companies in the country over the next year or two. I worked for them many years ago and the owners are a decent bunch of guys. I don't think that they represent a good value for someone willing to do the research in finding a better built and installed window. Power is really more of a marketing company in that they want to sell and install the materials, get paid and move on. This is why they purchase their doors and windows locally. Since they are the largest account with their manufacturer, they have only not huge purchasing power (like Wallmart) they can say "hey we installed it correctly, you need to get out there and resolve it" to their suppliers. Nothing wrong with that, smart actually. I just don't think anyone in Philly really makes a decent window or door.

Power does offer lifetime warranties on labor and material. However, they have only been with NorthEast for about 3 years. Before that they had Republic and Accu-Weld. Local pick up truck contractors sell the same Crusader window (with out the tempered glass) for about $400 to $450 installed as they can drive right up to the plant and order them in North Philly, right off 95. Good luck finding one. One of the crews that I know pretty well that works out of several Lowes stores installs them when they get side work. They like them and don't seem to be getting any call backs?

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Re: Power Windows and Siding in Philadelphia area- good windows?

#6 Post by mikeb26 » Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:04 pm


I read what you said about Power windows. The salesman came to my house and put on a good show. We ordered 12 (4 small basement windows and 8 regular size house windows) and it cost us a little under 10 thousand for everything (I live in NYC).

I know this was about the Philly area Power windows, but is this a decent price?

Also, reading the above review, are you saying that Power windows in philly is a good or bad company in your opinion?


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Re: Power Windows and Siding in Philadelphia area- good windows?

#7 Post by TheWindowNerd » Thu Apr 23, 2009 4:53 am

They buy low and sell high, high, high.
If you find a local window expert you can get mor bang for your buck.

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