Near Dearborn, Michigan

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Near Dearborn, Michigan

#1 Post by wil20367 » Sun Apr 13, 2008 10:41 pm

I will be replacing all of the windows (about 13) in my 1940ish home in the next few months. I live in Southeastern Michigan where it can get very cold, so I am concerned about getting a window with a low U-factor and am also concerned with air leakage.

I want to do my research first and have a good idea about the quality of a window before I start getting quotes. So far I am leaning towards Alside or Simonton windows.

Last week I got a flyer in the mail from Mr. Roof that claimed to have the the window with the highest R-value (inverse of U-factor) in Michigan. Those of you that live in the Michigan, Ohio, Indiana area might be familiar with Mr. Roof. They install the Thundergard Roof which is supposed to be top of the line. I did call the company to ask what window they are selling, but of course, theydidn't want to give out any information over the phone. Instead, they want to come to my home and give a presentation. I would really like to have some information before I start having sales reps over. Things can get cloudy with each company pushing their product, which is always superior to the competition.

Does anyone know anything about the windows Mr. Roof is selling? Can you make a recommendation for a quality window that is suitable for a cold climate? I think Sunrise sells windows in my area. I am willing to look at any product that meets the requirement of quailtiy as related to insulation/U-factor. The apperance of the window is probably third on my list with price being second (1-quality/2-price/3-apperance).

So that I have a reference point and am not "taken to the bank" about what should I expect to pay per double-hung window? Additionally, I have a large bay window in the front of my house.


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Re: Near Dearborn, Michigan

#2 Post by windoworrier » Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:22 am

I live in the same area as you and did a lot of research. I also had 5 different window companies come over and literally spent about 4 hours with each company. Mr. Roof was one of them as well as an independent window installation company that sold Sunrise as well as other windows. I really enjoyed the rep from Mr. Roof. They sell a quality window and I would have went with them except the guy never called me back for a follow-up. My other concern was that they subcontract their installers and I really wanted to ensure that I could contact whoever installed my windows at a later date if ever need be the case.
I wound up purchasing 42 sunrise windows in the Vanguard series through the independent installer.

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