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 Post subject: The last 24 hours....
PostPosted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:44 pm 
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My take on the last 24 hours.....

"I" have two companies that gave me estimates yesterday. I have 17 double hungs and a 4 lite bow, all white in and out.

Company one's salesman talked real fast but he said he has the best window made. His price was $21,000 but since I am a woman and a senior citizen plus the fact he wants to use my house as a showplace to sell other homes in the area he dropped his price to $11,500, so I bought them. I'm not sure what window brand they are but the salesman showed me that they had all the right things on them.

So, I called company two to cancel my appointment with him. He said he was already out front of my home for my estimate so I let him come in anyway. This man installed 28 windows in my daughters house and sided their home 2 years ago. My daughter and her husband love this guy, and I have seen the work he did and I do have to admit he does real nice work.
He has been in business 17 years and has not had any BBB complaints since the company started in 1992. The man was very informative and took the time to teach me what makes a good window and a good installation. He quoted me $11000 installed for Softlite Elements windows, so I bought from him and canceled the contract with company #1.

This morning a man from company #1 stopped by unannounced and said he was the manager. He said he valued my business so he dropped another $2000 off my estimate so I decided to have him do my windows. He said he switched to another window to give me this price but I'm not sure what brand it was.
I called the man from company #2 and canceled. My daughter called me and I told her what I did. She told me that the company #1 that I hired to do the windows has 62 BBB complaints and that I should have stayed with company #2. But, the way I look at it, company #2 didn't give me any deals like company #1 did and the salesman said he would make sure I would get a good installation so I'm not worried about the 62 BBB complaints. The way I look at it I should be looking for the company with the best deal and company #1 wheeled and dealed with me and gave me the best price so that's who I'm going with. Do you think I should call and find out what window I bought, or should I just trust the salesman since he said he'd take good care of me?


 Post subject: Re: The last 24 hours....
PostPosted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:36 pm 
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Had a very similar situation last week with a Sales Manager that dropped their price and spread lies. Very frustrating indeed. My price was better for the outset but the competition dropped their knickers to get the deal and our whole approach is getting a fair price the first time and all the time. The other company lying really ticked me off. I did not get the job either because they canceled with me after canceling the other one.

 Post subject: Re: The last 24 hours....
PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2009 9:41 am 

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Company One sounds remarkably like my dealings with NewPro as of late...

 Post subject: Re: The last 24 hours....
PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:58 pm 

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Just went through the same sh_t here. Manager called the customer said they fired the sales guy and offered the customer 1200 off. I started out 200 less then the rug pulled out. With the Alsides he bought I have to wait another 7-8 years to try and make the sale now. :mrgreen:

The moral to the stories above- some customers could care less about quality, BBB reports, etc...its about saving a buck up front NOT the long term value.

Did you ever wonder that if everyone used really good replacement or new construction windows there would only be a few replacement companies in existence.

My brother was reading that with the tax stimulus plan and the hefty tax credits have been set in place as there is mention that a bill is being developed that will require all home sales to be energy efficient and the seller will be required to make the energy upgrades before a home can go on the market. He could not remember what finance web page he was reading. Has anyone else ran into this eye opening info? Along with a termite inspection, radon test, etc... now required we will also need to have Fenex over to do an energy audit.

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