so I cancelled a contract did I make wrong choice?

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so I cancelled a contract did I make wrong choice?

#1 Post by micropanzer » Wed Nov 23, 2005 12:52 pm

I got a mailer about a special FHA program fro siding and window, filled it out and got a call for a demo.
Guy came out showed me the silverline 8500 sized up everything qouted me 12k for 13 window. says that was a 51% percent discount but I need to at least do the paper work to garentee that price.
Later that night I started doing my research cause I felt like a just visited the used car lot.
found a site offering same windows installed for about 400 each. total job 4500 that figure is closer to what i originally thought it should be.
Now this guy said the work was lifetime as well as the windows, so his price might have been sweet.

Could someone in the know tell me if I just walked awaay from a deal.

What really got my goat is the lady tried to tell me I signed a waiver to cancel the job within 3 day and never could tell me how they are associated with the FHA program.

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#2 Post by dhs » Wed Nov 23, 2005 3:55 pm

From my standpoint, as a fellow consumer, you did good! Having just been through the search for the combination of the right windows and the right contractor, I can understand where you are coming from. I had a couple of people come through my door that left me feeling really uneasy.

One thing I did right from the 'get go' was to KNOW that I would not sign a deal on a first visit. If I was getting pressure, I would let this be known. If I was still getting pressure, I showed them the door.

Second most important thing I did was I searched the internet to find out about the products being offered and also see if I could find references to the company offering the products. This site has been a gold mine to avoid pitfalls and to better understand the window products.

The company that won out did not put out a lot of bs but did a good job explaining their offering. The salesman took his time, answered my questions. The company doing the job is a large contractor that has been in business for a good while. The products they offer are well established and respected. The price was not cut throat cheap but the scale of the job made the price quite reasonable. The total package they offered was better than anything else I could come up with.

Best of luck!

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