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CC Rider
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More questions

#1 Post by CC Rider » Mon Oct 19, 2009 2:03 pm

I'm in the DC area and got 4 quotes from companies recommended by Service Magic. Each one is pretty close, one is a bit lower. I was a bit put off by the high-pressure sales people in the three higher-priced windows. I've only seen a passing reference to some of these brands

Slocum (Install America)
Cutting Edge/Allied Building
Home Guard/Home Star
Vista Panorama

One more question: I did not notice the tint in the sample windows until the last one. Do all the coatings need to have a tint for energy efficiency (my wife doesn't like the tint but salesman said we need it for energy rating)

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Delaware Mike
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Re: More questions

#2 Post by Delaware Mike » Mon Oct 19, 2009 3:16 pm

The tint is actually the low-e coating not to be confused with a real tinted window in which you may see on homes down south and at the beach. Yes, you need this to be on the windows for them to qualify for the .30/.30 stimulas program. Some manufacturers that didn't have a better designed double-hung window have had to put a more aggressive insulated glass unit in their windows for them to meet the qualifications. Their "tint" may even look darker than normal.

We do some of the Panorama series from Vista. It's a pretty decent mid-grade window with very little problems. In order for them to qualify for the tax credit one has to order them with the optional Super Spacer from Edgetech. The standard Intercept spacer in a double-glazed configuration is just above .30, thus it doesn't qualify. With the Super Spacer they will come in right at .30 on both the u-factor and SHGC.

The upper end Slocumb stuff should be pretty decent.

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Re: More questions

#3 Post by randy » Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:11 pm

May I recommend that you get another quote, this time from someone other than Service Magic recommends? Windows on Washington is a local pro here that offers some of the industry's best products and his installation crews are well trained and supervised. If you'll find one of his posts and click on the "contact" button, it will get you to him. I'm confident that you'll find him to be extremely professional and honest.

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