West Coast Vinyl - BAD experience

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West Coast Vinyl - BAD experience

#1 Post by Homeowner2 » Tue May 04, 2010 8:22 pm

The office at West Coast Vinyl is a nightmare to deal with. We are happy with our windows, and their installers were very nice and professional, but with the hassle of the rest of the experience I would never recommend this company. Very high pressure sales - he stays forever, selling and selling, and offers instant, wonderful 'discounts' - must have quite a mark-up to beginn with! Once the contract is signed, you can throw any hope of customer service out the window. The folks at their office don't return phone calls until we've called multiple times over several days and appear to be getting upset. When they finally did nail down an installation date, it was delayed several times. Measurements were wrong, windows had to be rebuilt, and the salesman obviously didn't relay any pertinent information about our home to the office. Ended up being months after we signed the contract until windows were installed. They sent out an inadequate crew size for our home, so it took them 4 days of working while we were trying to live here. Again, we have no complaints about the installation workers, but the office communication is inexcusable and very unprofessional. This company's BBB rating is fine - because when someone has made a formal complaint, they have done something to satisfy it, but that does NOT mean this is a good company!!! For example, I cannot make a BBB complaint just because of my extreme dissatisfaction since we have our product in place and have been charged what they said they would charge, etc. Technically, they did nothing 'wrong', so I hope people rely on detailed reviews like this to judge them by, rather than an "unresolved complaint" rating. Horrible company.

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Re: West Coast Vinyl - BAD experience

#2 Post by SuperiorW&D » Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:46 pm

Too bad you didn't Google them before deciding to work with them.
The Washington State AG just fined them for deceptive business practices.

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