Okna 400/500 vs Alside UltraMaxx vs. Thermal Industries

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Okna 400/500 vs Alside UltraMaxx vs. Thermal Industries

#1 Post by winmd2010 » Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:27 pm

Looking for assistance in deciding between OKNA 400 or 500 Alside UltraMaxx vs Thermal Industries located in central Maryland
Replacing 7 windows , south facing with significent sun. Looking for solid windows which will last at least 20 years. Two bedrooms with two windows each that in that past have had big issues with heating and cooling probably due in part to distance from A/C unit. I'm figuring better windows will help bring heating and cooling to acceptable levels in these rooms. I hate to adjust our whole house heat/ac just to make these rooms acceptable. Existing windows are in terrible shape, sagging, buckleling at lock point,.. remaining similiar windows on the other sides of our house seem to be in okay to acceptable condition,they have none of the above issues.
Received a quote from OKNA local installers from OKNA HQ, Alside quote was from local installer who has done many folks on our street, Thermal quote from a company that might have done some work on our street(neighbor could not remember the exact name, and they have not gotten back in touch with us with the requested references.)

Primary goal : replace windows to make the rooms comfortable year round, I guess energy efficiency between window, installation area. Must be of at least of quality to obtain the tax credit.
Secondary issues: Value and maximizing / not loosing to much glass in the replacement process.

OKNA seems willing to post nfrc ratings.. feedback online from here seems positive, Alside seems fine from what the neighbors have said but am I wondering on quality and energy effciency, I have similiar dual pane quotes from alside and okna, Upgrading from .28 to .25 seems to be about $60 per window.. Should I be looking at triple gas with Argon,low e glass, or stick with dual pane? Your ideas are appreciated.

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Re: Okna 400/500 vs Alside UltraMaxx vs. Thermal Industries

#2 Post by HomeSealed » Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:14 pm

For quality and effieciency: Okna, TI, then Alside. In that order.

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