Reynolds Replacement Windows Opinions?

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Reynolds Replacement Windows Opinions?

#1 Post by dunaz » Mon Mar 06, 2006 3:04 pm

Anyone heard of Reynolds Building Products? Please share your opinions on their replacement windows...

they have a web site at

No mention of them at (but I'm not surprised by that, as they only cover the Really Big Ones like Andersen and Pella and Marvin).

I am replacing the windows in a 1950s ranch, a quantity of 13 to 17, depending on whether we do the basement ones too.

The Big Front Picture window is the one that I'm having the most questions about, but I'll post that one in the Questions forum, so please take a look.


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We are going with Reynolds

#2 Post by scimitar12 » Tue Mar 14, 2006 12:13 pm

We have been shopping around for replacement windows for our ranch home. 13 windows total, with one a picture window. From what I read on this forum, Reynolds appears to be a good quality, mid-range window. You can get better windows for more money, but for what Reynolds runs these should be fine for our needs. It seems the big point is the installation. We checked two houses where the installer put in the exact same Reynolds windows (5000 series). These homeowners were total strangers. We felt odd just cold calling them but once we explained why we stopped by they were more than happy to show their windows. BTW, both home owners were very happy with reynolds. Hope this helps.[/b]

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