Comparisons and what about lead?

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Comparisons and what about lead?

#1 Post by Phillies13 » Mon Apr 23, 2012 11:10 am

Thank you to everyone for previously responding to my other questions. I have had a couple of companies discuss the lead/EPA issue with me. The ones who state they follow it seem to use it as a marketing tool over others, while the other companies claim they remove the window from the exterior, with minimal dust, and that given our location they doubt we have lead paint (again our house was built in 1957). We currently don't have any kids but have one on the way that is due in October and was just wondering how important is the lead protocol?

Secondly, I have been following the discussion board for a little while now and I see that most of you guys like the Soft Lite Imperial LS and Okna windows and was wondering if they really out perform the other windows enough to spend the extra money? Also what is your take on non-foam filled frames vs ones with foam? Here is an idea of some of the other windows I have been quoted.

The below quotes are all for 14 double hung windows, dual pane, low e argon, half screens, capping, supplied, installed, and removal.

1. Dailey 4000 Series: $8,000 (most of the cost is coming from the installation side here, waiting to hear back on the lead protocol)

2. Energex by Affinitty: $6,000 (price does include the lead protocol)

3. Soft Lite Imperial Classic: $6,000 (not including the lead protocol, also installer stated he prefers the Classic over the Imperial LS because he use to have a lot of call backs with the locking mechanism on the LS)

4. Viwinco and Alside Excalibur - Pretty much eliminated these by myself, but let me know if I am wrong and should look into them

5. Dove 2800 Series: $5,800 (not including the lead protocol)

6. Ideal Window - Lifescapes line: $6,200 (not including the lead protocol)

7. Soft Lite Imperial LS: $9,000 (price does include the lead protocol)

I really appreciate any information you are able to share with me. Thanks again for all your time and input. I am sorry if this is annoying I am just trying to be as informed as possible before making a decision.

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Re: Comparisons and what about lead?

#2 Post by masterext » Mon Apr 23, 2012 11:17 am

alot of it is marketing and scare tactics but the outside install will render less dust. that said, contractor needs to be certified.
i would immediately disregard alside and viwinco..they are lower quality.

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Re: Comparisons and what about lead?

#3 Post by HomeSealed » Mon Apr 23, 2012 2:53 pm

The necessity and effectiveness of the lead-safe procedures as law are debatable, however the fact is that they are here and must be followed. Anyone who is not certified and/or does not follow the protocol should be disqualified. There are MAJOR fines involved, liability concerns, etc. Let's say that you knowingly hire a non-certified company, and your neighbor's kid gets lead poisoning from some mess not properly cleaned up outside. I'm no lawyer, but I'm guessing that you may have some liability there or in 1000 other possible scenarios... Not only that, but whether or not procedures are followed reflects on the way a given company conducts business. If they cut corners in that area, what is to say that they don't in others areas as well? At the very least, they are certainly not following the best practices in the industry, and I would guess that the product selection and craftsmanship will follow suit. I don't mean this post to come across as a scare tactic, but there is just no good reason for any respectable company not to be certified and follow these rules.

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Re: Comparisons and what about lead?

#4 Post by Window4U (IL) » Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:52 pm

With a child due in a few months, your wife could be poisoned by lead and pass it on to the child before it is even born. Have lead safe practices done, and familiarize yourself with the rules and practices so you can make sure they do it properly. Your baby's health is at stake and it's no laughing matter.
Important Note: Your pregnant wife needs to find somewhere else to live during the installation! Send her to mom's for a few days.

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Re: Comparisons and what about lead?

#5 Post by toddinmn » Mon Apr 23, 2012 11:30 pm

Great advice from W4U and Homesealed.The contractor is suppose to give you a final report on the RRP work within 30 days of completion. Don't forget it will now be your responsibility to disclose this information when you sell your house or rent it.The RRP cost would have to be in all bids to compare since these prices are all over the place.

If the Energex window is the Elite series I think it would be the clear cut winner.I don't have any experience with this window but some of the other pro's here seem to think highly of it. I have never heard of anyone preferring the Classic over the LS, maybe he does not have access to this window.He should have offered the Pro over the Classic ince it offers more standard features. The other windows I do not know about.Foam is a nice addition and comes standard on the higher end windows.

Here is a good article on someone's experience with lead-based paint. It starts on page 9.

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