Getting estimates on windows this week, lots of questions

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Re: Getting estimates on windows this week, lots of questions

#16 Post by HomeSealed » Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:54 pm

J-Windows wrote:
The one guy I originally called in to check on Gorell. But apparently since they went into bankruptcy and were taken over by soft-lite, all warantees are void on all windows sold after the bankruptcy, so the company won't install Gorell anymore.
That is completely false. All Gorell line windows manufactured after February 14, 2012 are warrantied in full by Softlite. A Gorell 5300 purchased today has the same strength of warranty as a Softlite Elements... MOST of those (Gorell products) purchased prior to that date are warrantied as well, as Gorell dealers have been given a credit by Softlite to be used on warranty claims for product that was made prior to that date.

On the difference between Softlite and Sunrise, they are both very good and either would serve you well. I'd personally choose the Imperial LS given the circumstances, unless a comparable Sunrise Restoration or Vanguard came in significantly cheaper.

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Re: Getting estimates on windows this week, lots of questions

#17 Post by J-Windows » Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:25 am

None of the sunrise dealers so far have presented windows by the terms 'restorations" or 'vanguard" yet. Even on the sunrise website, I can't find reference to those terms.

So far only a single casement window has been presented (unnamed), and then several choices of glass (ultra, solar, triple, krypton, the standard choices).

Am I missing something?

I had a second gorell guy out last night. He said the opposite of the first guy. He says all warrantees are still valid and continue just as good as they did. He still recommends them.

They also did not have a matching interior color. Both gorell and sunrise have a "pecan" color that is probably as close as it's going to get. But not perfect.

This guy as well as a previous sunrise guy said that for full-frame, there is no way to re-use the internal wood trim. It has to have new trim. I just cannot comprehend why. Can anyone explain why? If the new trim is guaranteed to fit to the same location and not leave any paint lines, then it must be replaced to the same location. And if it's in the same location, and it's the same width and design of trim, then why can't you reuse the existing?

And they're not just trying to make money, because it's a "stain it yourself deal" anyway.

Also many neglect to mention that there is quarter round that fits over teh retro-fit to hide the joint, and this comes "stain it yourself" too but few pitches mention that detail.

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