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Window experience

#1 Post by sandortz » Wed Apr 05, 2006 1:12 pm

First, my thanks to the professionals on this board for their time and expertise. I read this board and used your insight in my windows search and I'd like to relate my own experience in the windows game just as information.

I live in Colorado, my home was constructed in 1992, I purchased the home in 2002. Soon after the home was built, there was a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of the wood windows, a settlement was reached last year and eligible homeowners could file a claim. My 26 windows do need replacement for a variety of reasons, I filed a claim, no one knows how much each homeowner will receive, so I researched replacment windows based on my budget and any settlement award would be just extra help. I decided on vinyl windows, preferably manufactured in Colorado, low E2 glass, warm edge spacer. I researched the various windows, decided on a Milgard, did homework on what to find in a contractor. In August 2005,took bids and chose a firm which had been in business over 30 years, had AAMA certified installers, a nice building and showroom, good BBB record, sales staff was very professional, priced each window individually, the firm did five or six homes in my subdivision so I could get a close up look at their work. The price was guaranteed until spring of 2006, I talked to the sales rep in November and said I would contact him this spring to sign the contract.

January or February, we had a good cold snap and I was sick of the old windows and how cold the house was. Called the company to sign a contract, no answer. Called the salesman's cell phone, no answer. Went to the website, no website. Company apparently went out of business. And this was a company which met all the recommendations: long-term, central location, good BBB record, trained staff, portfolio. I don't know if there were consumers who put money down/signed contracts and are now stuck or if the company completed existing contracts and did an orderly shut down.

But it goes to show, you never know. I followed all the guidelines and rules but didn't sign the contract and what would have been the final result if I had? I did a new bid process for the 26 windows, went with Amerimax installed by a small firm with about 13 employees. The windows will be installed this week.

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#2 Post by ANOTHER WINDOW GUY » Wed Apr 05, 2006 2:31 pm

This can happen in any business at any time. An old acquaintance in the sun room business for over 30 yrs who had just built a big new showroom a couple of years ago is closing his doors. I suspect there may be more in this business because of the fierce competition, but probably no more than any other competitive business.
I find your post interesting because there seems to be a few paranoid shoppers here now and then and it would leave them in a tizzy. You followed the right procedure which is normally a good barometer, but it's not a perfect world.

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