Thank You Guy & IMI

For all those Replacement Window questions
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Thank You Guy & IMI

#1 Post by coldnomore » Wed May 11, 2005 5:24 am

Just wanted everyone here to know how helpful you've been in our window choices. Since we live in Minnesota we used Guy from this forum to install our windows. We've never dealt with any contractor as polite and knowledgable of his work and products. He made us very comfortable on our choices with no high pressure sales. He even told us to shop his price around. We chose the Pella Impervia for our home. When they came to our home to work I was surprised to see Guy still works with the crew next to his son Nick. His son is just as knowlegable as his father (for the ladies out there he's one handsome young man!!!). There were three workers at our home. Marcus was the third worker I haven't mentioned. They covered all my floors and were very respectful of our home and dogs. Nick & Marcus threw the frisbie to the dog all day long. While Guy bent the metal to wrap the windows the other two installed them. They replaced and covered 19 windows in our home in nine hours. They also cleaned the home better than when they arrived and put the drapes and shades back up for us. Guy even bought us Lunch when the boys made a dash to town. My husband and I have never been so happy with anyone working in our home. I just wanted to thank Guy and all the others who spend their time to answer all our questions. Your the greatest Guy!! Thanx, Molly!

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#2 Post by FenEx » Wed May 11, 2005 5:58 am

What a terrific post!!! Well done GUY !!! Although I don't need windows, I might ask you to dogsit my Huskies... LOL.

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#3 Post by Guy » Thu May 12, 2005 4:51 pm

Your more than welcome. I Thank You for the kind words Molly! We like our jobs and we especially like the customers who are as kind and considerate as you and your husband. I wish all our customers were like you. It would then be a perfect world!!!!


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