I'd like to personally throw out my prayers to the South!

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I'd like to personally throw out my prayers to the South!

#1 Post by Guy » Thu Sep 01, 2005 10:54 pm

For me living in Minnesota Yankee country. My heart strings are being tugged by the travesty of the Hurricane to my fellow Rebels down South. I've spent the past thirty plus years keeping peoples house safe and secure. Seeing the horrible things they are up against daily and our failing political support here at home. I can't hold back some anger. When will America learn that our home land needs to be taken care of. We don't need our children protecting those who don't care for them. Don't get me wrong I do support our troops over sea's. I just think it's time to take care of our own house. My prayers are out to those down there in that nasty hell. Please everyone take time out to say a prayer and send something to help no matter what it is. They need it more than we can imagine. Let's help clean up our home!!!

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#2 Post by windowrep » Fri Sep 02, 2005 6:27 am

guy, i hear you and agree. having spent 6 years in our military i can tell you, there is no doubt our political leaders could send military personnel from the army navy marines air force and have that place safe and under somewhat control in a matter of days. dont send the national guard. hell it takes days for them just to get ready to deploy. use our military resources now. get the people what they need. all the helicopters boats and amphibious vehicles we have just sitting at bases and fellow americans need help. it really is disheartening. i wish them all the best.

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#3 Post by HipKat » Fri Sep 02, 2005 7:01 am

Yeah, I've once again become adicted to CNN. It's hard to imagine, and having owned a trucking business before I got into window sales, I spent aot of time down in that area, delivering to different Walmarts Distribution centers.

I just missed Ivan last year in Mobile, Al., having to take back roads out of there to miss the congestion of the traffic evacuating that area. Even when I got up into Georgia, when I picked up the Interstate agasin, at 3AM, as the storm was just getting ready to come ashore, the traffic coming out of Alabama was thick.
I remember talking to those people down there that day (the day before the storm) and they were like, "no big deal, done it before, do it again."
I don't think anyone expected this, though. This is a trajedy on a biblical level. I saw that the mayor of N.O. wants to 100% evacuate and close the city, until the water recedes, which could take a month or more.
Entire neighborhoods aren't just destroyed, they're gone! Houses that have stood for hundreds of years, erased. And then the people who didn't lose things in the storm, and the flood, are now losing it to the looters.
It's boggling to me that here I am complaining about the impending winter that will be settling in here in the next month and a half (yes, I am from Buffalo and I HATE winter).

Prayers don't seem like enough.

When my boss told me he might expand into Illinois, I made a joke: Why not expand into New Orleans. Now I feel stupid for saying that.
I love that area. Southern Alabama is a great place. The Biloxi area too. And New Orleans is just magical, and now it's destroyed. They talk about 480,000 people in N.O that are displaced, but the real number is the entire region that was wiped out by the storm, which probably tops 1,000,000 people in Louisianna, alone.

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#4 Post by FenEx » Fri Sep 02, 2005 8:08 am

The tragedy is indeed more than the results of the storm. The government's lack of immediate and appropriate response is unbelievable. The thought of looters and Americans vs. Americans at such a terrible time makes me even more sick. Perhaps this was the Good Lord's way of sending a wake-up call. We came closer together as a country after 911... but that was just a step, not the entire journey. As we send billions of dollars and thousands of Americans to help other countries in need, I wonder if similar humanitarian efforts will be returning to our shores in forms other than the 40 oil tankers in route from oversees at inflated prices.

History has shown that often the deepest scars from tragedies are created from how the tragedy is dealt with. The landscape can always be rebuilt. The Great Chicago Fire turned the city from the slaughterhouse capital to the Architectural capital of the world. I have sent prayers to those that have suffered and lost their lives, but I also pray that we can learn, grow and improve as a country in the aftermath.

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#5 Post by HipKat » Sat Sep 03, 2005 6:48 am

You know what REALLY makes me sick?? Knowing that a gas station (retail outlet) cannot raise it's prices in lieu of expected wholesale increases UNTIL THEY ACTUALLY RECIEVE THAT NEXT SHIPMENT!!!!

I cannot believe every gas station in the country got resupplied overnight.
There's a gas station here selling regular for 4.10!!! The average right now is 3.89 and wholesale prices went down yesterday!!

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