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 Schuco dealer practices

Author: puzzled (

I read good things about Schuco here and decided to get a quote. A salemen comes to the house but instead of telling us about the windows, he starts with a questionaire.

He wants to know whether we've paid off our mortgage, how many people live here, how long we plan to live here.

I said, there's no way I'm sitting here to tell you my life story to get a quote for windows. My wife sees I'm steamed and says she'll deal with it. So I leave to do something more productive and he tells my wife that he can't give us a quote without both of us.

I've got the name of another Schuco dealer but if he pulls the same baloney, he's out the door too. Is this type of hard sell common to Schuco? It reminds me of the sleazy aluminum siding salesmen in TinMen.


 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: Allen (

Can you tell us who the dealer was and where? I've heard good things too but that doesn't sound like an experience that we would enjoy either as we are also considering the product.


 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: Even more puzzled (

So how do you know what the outcome of his questionairre would have been?
Is it possible he was assessing ALL the factors that would give him an idea of what window would fit your energy needs and which one you could afford? Is it unreasonable for him to have an informative dialog with you so he doesn't waste 3 hours of his time showing you his top of the line window, only to have you say,"I'm selling next year and I want the cheapest window possible."?
And maybe he is asking these questions about what you owe on the house because he has financing plans available way better than your bank could give you, but he wants to get an idea of your situation before offering it to you.
I think you have it all wrong. You wanted to see the best window on the market,...... you wanted a professional company to service your needs,..... but you treated him like he was a greenhorn clerk behind the counter at Lowes. He's a construction contractor, and was at your home for a professional consultation, and you should have treated him with respect he deserves while he was in your home.
YOU invited him into your home for professional advice, only to not give him a chance to help you. You were hot-headed, very rude, and in my opinion owe him an apology.
And what did you expect him to do after your childish behavior,... give the wife the consultation and hope SHE could convince you? Give me a break, he did the right thing. Why waste his time on someone like you who doesn't have the sense to want to learn about the product he is getting ready to buy, and the benefits and services the salesman's company provides.
Next time, tell the window company you are having out to do a "drive-by" estimate, and throw the price sheet out the car window on the way by. That way they won't have to waste their tome on you.


 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: Anonymous (

Whoa there Even more puzzled. Do auto dealers need to ask about your mortgage(s) or how many people live with you before showing you a car? How about HVAC folks? Carpeting? Roofers? and on and on.

I was in the HI business for a few brief months and one of the things that drove me from it was managements insistence on doing just what this salesperson did. Would I tolerate that from a salesman in MY home? An emphatic NO!

If the scenario was as described it simply serves to illustrate just why homeowners are getting fed up with high-pressure sales tactics. The info asked for was none of the mans business. What if, based on the answers that might have been given, he felt that these potential customers couldn't afford what he had to offer? Would he have told them so and walked out? Would his presentation have been downgraded because he had pre-judged them? Might he have lost a sale because of pre-judging?

It seems to me that the appropriate time to ask such personal questions is when they become pertinent to the sale - i.e. - when the homeowner is sold on the product and wants to place an order. If financing is an issue at that point and the salesman has some form of financing available then certainly such questions need to be asked. But not till that point.

Insofar as the product is concerned, please be aware that I currently have a number of Schuco windows on order and one of the reasons for placing it with the person I did was that there was NO high pressure or personally invasive questions. In my case, the quality of the product was indeed matched by the quality of the presentation.

I must admit that your post has me somewhat irritated. It's absolutely none of my business but neither is it your business to denigrate those folks. If your methodology is to do what that salesman was doing then I can understand why you're taking out your frustration on them - net completed sales are REALLY hard to come by with such tactics. Insofar as owing him an apology, get real. He owes them one for his egregious behavior and you owe them one for your obnoxious post. The 'respect he deserves'? Come on, that's a two-way street - where was his respect for them? Do we now all have to show financial capability and commitment prior to receiving a presentation? Oh, and of course his purpose for being there was simply to help these folks out and a commission or profit had nothing to do with it, right?

(For puzzled, I'd suggest contacting Schuco and calmly letting them know of your experience. I might be wrong but I have a feeling that Schuco won't like what you tell them about that dealer and will act on it. They seem to be a company that wants the sales presentation to match the product. In other words, excellent).


 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: even more puzzled (

Excellent reply Anonymous.
My post was bogus and meant to stir up the pot. I was hoping for a little more debate, but you nailed it so well, there is nothing else to say.
Schuco dealers are independant of each other, and most are not aggressive in their tactics.
Most are honest contractors with nothing but their customers best interests at heart. I'm sure any agressive tactics they hear of from fellow dealers makes them very unhappy.

I hope your next appointment goes real well Puzzled. I'm glad you are giving the window another chance, as they are a fine window and a fine parent company.


 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: Fenestration Expert (

WOW !!!

I will begin with saying, the original poster has failed to identify who the dealer was, so in my opinion, the post lacks authenticity until such a time that this is revealed. Anyone on the Net can post anything they wish. This could be, and I am assuming it is, a valid complaint, or, it could be a competitor post to damage a reputation. I have sent an email and will expect and hope for a response to look into it as I am a strong proponent of the Schuco technology... but it must be a complete service.

As for the posts, you can't condemn a manufacturer for a particular dealer's sales practice. This is America and the individual dealers each have a right to follow their own course of action. I can see the value of having all "deciding parties" present and involved. Many consumers see "free estimate" and take unreasonable advantage of an individual's or company's resources. Do they work for free? My recommendation is.. if you want better prices... keep the overall industry cost down by respecting their time and expertise and inviting them when you are seriously considering a purchase... or you raise the cost for everyone.

On the flipside, do I personally agree with or teach privacy violation pre-qualification, high pressure, over-inflation or inflated-to-drop sales methods?.... ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! That ruins the reputation of the entire industry and is unecessary if you are well trained in product and service education.

This is a two-way street.



 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: puzzled (

I am the person who raised the issue and the dealer is FJB Associates out of New York.

I wasn't saying that Schuco was responsible but I was asking if this was Schuco's sales methodology. The reason I asked is that I didn't know whether I should follow up with the other dealer they referred to me.

To be clear: I would have been ready to order the windows that day and pay in cash.

The other estimate we had so far, was for $3K but the contractor only worked with Anderson and we didn't like the fact that Anderson's are thicker and would have eatned into "living space" in this wall (we have installed quite a few Anderson's in the house already but that was when we put in an extension) and required new molding.

I think I know what FJB's game was: they were trying to upsell us into doing the rest of the house. Frankly, we might well have replaced more windows but there's no way we would do it with a company that uses such tactics. If we saw they did the first job well, then we would have ordered more.

And about contacting Schuco: I wrote to them asking for the name of a dealer by email. They haven't replied after 5 days so that doesn't exactly make me fell they care what I think or do.


 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: jim (



 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: Bob G (

Your Crazy, I have been in Sales a long time. That was just pure High Presuure get to the point ask me how long I am going to live here. I have had a similar experience with a Shuco dealer, not all of them are alike. This is not a timesharing sale. Give me a break the man was correct in not listening!!!!!!!!!


 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: Glenn (

How can I find a different Shuco ealer that will service my area. I like the one dealer , but he was a little bit high pressure. I just want to call someone else and compare. I live in Norhern New Jersey....


 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: kretheme (


Unfortunately, I also had a terrible sales experience with FJB. I posted a message on my experience in a separate thread - "Pricing on Schuco windows." I contacted Schuco by phone; they told me that there are no other distributors in upstate NY. If you find out differently from them, please let me know. I finally threw the FJB people out of my house after nearly 3 hours of high-pressure sales pitch. Even so, I asked them to send references; they never followed up. I like the window very much but am looking at other options - Winstrom, Alside. Are you considering other options? If so, what makes?

Our experiences point to the downside of Schuco's exclusive relationships: if they pick poorly, they may sour sections of the country on their product.


 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: FenEx (

I happen to know the folks over at Schuco corporate pretty well. They do care about the overall presentation of their products. I am willing to help connect individuals interested in the products to reliable sources and pleasant, professional reps. I will also forward any negative experiences to corporate as well.


 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: The woman of the house (

"I can see the value of having all "deciding parties" present and involved."

Of course there's a value to this, but there's also a cost. There are trade-offs.

The representative had a right to leave if he didn't consider the remaining person important enough to be worth his time, but he must have realized that there would be consequences to that choice, since he was insulting the only person that wanted to listen to him at that point.

For a representative to tell a woman that he won't even talk to her unless "the man" is there would be enough to permanently rule out a company for me, because I don't believe that he would treat a man the same way.


 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: Sales Policy (

The important thing is to give the salesman proper time to explain his product, and give a written price. After that adequate time has passed, then its time to move on.


 Re: Schuco dealer practices

Author: Joe (

I agree that hard sells are a complete turn off. I sell windows and I believe if you go in and inform the customer honestly, give them a good price on a high quality window, you will get the sale or majority of them in the end.

The guys that are doing the hard sells only care about making the sale and not the customer. Kind of like a used cars sales man, tell you want you want to hear and make you feel guilty if you don't sign right there and then. Now how many of us like dealing with that?

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