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Author: windowdummy (

I know zero about windows, but I have been trying to do some homework online to help. We live in the north, in a 1927 brick colonial. We have a 'sunroom' that becomes a freezer in the cold months due to the 8 original side by side (separated by wood columns) windows that are the kind with ropes. This fall we want to put the storms in the trash, not on the house. It is time to replace them. Anyway, had a guy come over from Window Systems and quote us on Preservation windows. 8 windows, brown vinyl on the outside, wood grain on the inside, double hung. He quoted us at 6500, called back to say he took the upcharge off for the wood grain and brown vinyl and he could do $5500 for the 8 windows. That seems SO STEEP to us. We are not necessarily looking for the top of the line, but we do plan on staying in the house and need GOOD windows in there. Does anyone have any idea if this a good price? Suggestions? Thanks


 Re: Preservation

Author: wvuguy (

Granted my situation may have little in common with yours, but.....

I just had 14 Preservations.....two big 70x64 double casements, two somewhat smaller double casements, one single casement, and five double hungs installed here in suburban Cincinnati OH for an even $6500. As far as I was concerned, that was a very good price, and blew out competitive bids from Schuco and Gilkey by 10% and 15% respectively.

FYI, this price was for plain white frames/sashes (no woodgrain), ClimaTech 10 IG, and single prairie grids on the casements.

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