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 Labor costs

Author: jps (

Can anyone give me an idea of what a reasonable labor rate is for window installation? This will be for new construction. Typical charge per window of type of window (sliding glass door, double hung, fixed) would be appreciated, or a typical price per windows (regardless of type), or a typical charge for sq. ft. Even typical cost per job (17 windows, two of which are sliding glass doors). Of course, size of window matters, however the largest ones here are the sliding glass doors (largest being 6' x 6.'8"). Just want to get a feel for what would be reasonable and what would be excessive.


 Re: Labor costs

Author: jdh (

Try $6. per sq ft.


 Re: Labor costs

Author: E-Z (

It is actually around $6.00 dlls an united inch.
72 x 42 = 114 u.i

Take into account that new construction entails stucco or siding work, moulding work, flashing detail etc



 Re: Labor costs

Author: jps (

In this particular case, most of the extra work is not needed - stucco will be a seperate issue done by another contractor, as will the moulding. Flashing, of course, will be the installers responsibility.

Thanks for the numbers.

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