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 Mastic windows- VERY BAD

Author: B in central Texas (

We purchased 30 Mastic Vinyl Windows in 2001 from a Window Works Inc. distributor for almost 14k; they have argon, low 3, tilt, double-hung, screens, and bronze tint. They look great but...the lifetime warranty for us has meant we spend our lifetime getting them FIXED ! The mfger's rep has replaced all the balances, since the original balances were supposedly bad, which broke all the metal "shoes." While Window Works and the distributor have oblidgedly tried to fix the windows, it is an NEVER-ENDING BATTLE. The subcontractor repairperson has been here at least a dozen times and is constantly replacing a balance or continually "adjusting" the windows to try to get them to work. Problem is, the fix is TEMPORARY and they CONSISTENTLY FAIL MONTHS AFTERWARDS. After a few months, at random about 1/3 of the windows fail and either a) will not stay open or b) so difficult to open I've hurt my wrist opening them. It appears that we have two choices: The windows can either be adjusted so that a) they are difficult to open or b) they are easy to open but eventually fail and won't stay open. Each time, we have to move large, heavy pieces of furniture, change our work schedule and we've seen the repairman more than we've seen our relatives.

Anyone who's had GOOD EXPERIENCES with a specific brand in central Texas, please LET US KNOW. We need to purchase more windows for remodeling but no way will we ever, ever have anything to do with MASTIC - THEY ARE BAD NEWS and a NEVER-ENDING HASSLE. At some point, I'm sure they're start charging us to "fix" their defective windows and that's when we'll be forced to litigate.


 Re: Mastic windows- VERY BAD

Author: windowmann2000 (

I'm guessing that you have the spiral balancers, and if you do and I thought they were a thing of the past, you have a endless problem. I have replaced in some brands the spiral system with the constant force system which is most widely used today. This may not be an option with your windows but it's worth asking about. If the constant force fit's in the wall of your window all they have to do is replace with that style and change the pivot pin's on the bottom of the sashes. Good luck.


 Re: Mastic windows- VERY BAD

Author: Jeff p (

I bought a house with Mastic windows in it this past summer. They are the worst windows I've ever seen. It appears that everything goes thru distributors, and I've yet to find a manufacturers address and phone#.
Every window in this house sweats! Some are worse that others. I don't mean sweat just a little bit either. I'd love to find the guy that installed these too. The installation is also poor. I've had water destroy one wall in our master bedroom. I just replaced the wall. Trust me don't buy these windows!


 Re: Mastic windows- VERY BAD

Author: FenEx (

Mastic is owned by ALCOA. Try contacting them for help.


 Re: Mastic windows- VERY BAD

Author: Dan (

The fact that your windows sweat shows that you have a very big problem with condensation in your home. If you are getting condensation on the windows you are more than likely getting condensation in other areas like your sidewalls which can lead to MAJOR problems with mold growth.

If you get condensation on windows it is almost always because the humidity level is too high.

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