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 Sears Weatherbeater?

Author: Brad (

Has anyone gone with Sears Weatherbeater windows and, if so, are you satisfied with them?

I just got a quote for replacing 11 double-paned windows. Six of them are less than 18 inches from the floor so I was told by the salesman (although I don't know if it is true or not) that they have to be tempered glass because of this. If anyone knows whether or not this is true, please let me know. At any rate, the additional charge for doing this on the 6 windows came to $900. The total estimate for the whole thing came to $7118. Are their windows worth this price?




 Re: Sears Weatherbeater?

Author: Art (

Brad -

Sears sells the Simonton window at a HIGH price. They're not unethical, just HIGH-PRICED. Do yourself a favor and find a Simonton direct dealer or look at a couple other brands - you'll be glad you did.


 Re: Sears Weatherbeater?

Author: BW (

The salesman legally has to sell tempered glass if the windows are 18" or less off the ground. The price isn't bad but companies like Window World can always beat Sears with just as good of a window.

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