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 California Deluxe Windows ???

Author: neptunepic (

Has anyone heard of a company in Southern California called California Deluxe Windows? They claim to manufacture their own windows.

I received a quote from them- 13 windows plus 2 sliding doors for $16k. All windows are double-pane vinyl, only 7 are Low-E. This quote seems high to me.

A similar quote from Home Depot came in around $10k. I'm not familiar enough with the different manufacturers to know if it's worth six grand more for windows. Can anyone help me?

If I'm looking to replace my old aluminum windows and I'd like to stay in the $10k range, can anyone recommend a reputable company in Southern California that can do the job right?



 Re: California Deluxe Windows ???

Author: Alan Field (

here is a letter I just wrote to complain to
Judd the trouble shooter, Dennis Prager and Bill Handel of KFI radio, since they are on CDW website and I ordered them based on Dennis Prager talking so highly of them.

This is what you wrote about them

Personally Endorses

AND ...they have a proven installation and service record.

I selected California Deluxe Windows based on part of your personal Recommendation. FOR ITS CONSUMER FRIENDLY, SERVICE ORIENTED ATTITUDE AND ITS EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCT!

I just wanted to share some of my disappointment and problems with the company before and after purchasing the windows.

It started with installation. I had to make 3 phone calls to try to reach the installation Coordinator, never a return call, had to hunt them down. After having the windows installed a few weeks ago, we had our first rain. My bed got soaked and so did the walls. Both Bedroom windows filled with and leaked Water. Water had filled the Window frames and also overflowed the track with water. So I called Thursday October 21 and tried to reach the Service person, first call 8:30, was told person was late getting in so left message, no return call, so, called at 11:45, sorry I missed her, She was at lunch now. Left message again, No call back now 3:45, so, I called again, now she is at her desk. Now told she would call me back with something before Monday. Thatís 4 days. (Only one person for service?). Left on my own with rain maybe on its way, Friday I decided to find the problem on my own, I spray the window with the hose like I normally would do to clean them. When I walk in the bedroom the inside window and walls were soaked. I also tried another window in the front room, an up and down slider and it also poured water into the room. Very upset with quality since I was replacing 1965 aluminum side sliders type window that never had any problems, but were single pane type. Being un-happy I called Don the General Manager (thinking he would be the only one who cared) and complain about the lack of workmanship of the windows. He said he would get back to me on this. In the mean time I had to remove one of the sliding windows and drain the water from the frame. Now Rain again is on its way and they called to say they will send someone out on November 1st 11 days from now. I have to live with towels and a soaked bed. (Bed is now dry, had to blow dry at 12pm at night. Today I had to buy plastic Sheets to tape the windows up. My wife asked me why I chose to pay more ($600 a window) instead of $218 plus $185 labor per window with MilGard windows. What can I say except Dennis Prager, Bill Handel and You Judd personally recommends them. So any help at this point I would be very grateful. CDW really acts like this is no big deal. At this point they act like this is my problem and donít really seem to be concerned of what damage can occur. I have to try to fend for myself for 11 days. I know they will finally fix the windows or try to do some cheap fix with silicone. But this is not what I consider service. There are problems with how the windows are designed and they can't believe they can make a mistake. If a little California rain can cause problems, I'd hate to see what happen in the east coast. I've now been dealing with this for 3 days. They never asked or bothered to found out if my wall or furniture was damaged or offer any temp help or recommendations. All they can say is how wonderful their windows are. My question is how do you know about their


Is this a line they wrote for you or you made it up yourself


 Re: California Deluxe Windows ???

Author: Joe Rowland (


I just found this site and apparently just in time. I have a quote from CDW to replace all my windows with their product. Like you I heard about their products on the Bill Handel Show. Can you tell me if you ever received any satisfaction from them. It doesn't sound like you'd ever recommend them and based upon your post I'm inclined to look elsewhere.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Joe Rowland

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