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 Cashable Voucher

Author: newwindows (

I recently had a sales rep from a local window and siding installation company stop by and give an estimate on putting in 7 new windows and a bay window. After he delivered his whole schpiel (sp?) he talked about a Cashable Voucher program that his company is involved in. It is a program where they contribute a portion of their advertising budget to this Consumer's Trust organization. I would put in the order for the windows, and go through some paperwork for the Consumers Trust within 30 days of the order, have the work done, and after three years pass I have to (without a reminder from either company) go online and get a code, fill out and fax some info and i get a rebate back, which might be 50 100% of the initial cost depending on the deal they have going on at the time of purchase. This money comes from maturity of that contributed advertising money over the three years time. Sounds too good to be true to me, like some loophole might get me in the end. Anyone hear about something like this? The overall cost of the work to be done seemed like a lot of money, too. $12,000 rough estimate for 7 windows and a bay window. I am going to compare with other places, but this voucher rebate thing is eating away at me...


 Re: Cashable Voucher

Author: Window4U (IL) (

newwindows wrote:
but this voucher rebate
> thing is eating away at me...

It's supposed to.


 Re: Cashable Voucher

Author: handyman (

they are stealing from you.
thermal seal tried this pitch in ohio and wound up with their butts in front of the attourney general of the state and paid big fines.
possibly your company doesnt plan on being around under the same name DBA in three years. for you to haul their ass in to the AG'S office and explain their selves.
get more bids you can do better than that quote with a gimmick.
I'll bet they told you it was only valid if you signed up tonight as a preferred customer to.


 Re: Cashable Voucher

Author: Missy (

Sounds like handyman there doesn't want you to deal with someone trying to give their customers something in return for their business. thermal seal got their butts in a sling, but if you check out the bbb report on them, it's their own fault, not the voucher program. i've heard good things about the program from other merchants, so i'd continue to look into it.


 Re: Cashable Voucher

Author: janice (

I as well have heard excellent things about this program...a friend of mine in Oregon got $8000 back from a furniture store where he purchased a bedroom suite as well as some living room furniture!

I've read a lot of reports on it through the BBB and various other claims and researched it quite seriously before I considered buying through the same furniture store he bought through. I think the thing to look into is how reputable the company you are buying through is. It makes sense...look at the statistics!

I believe in the program 100%...the thing is will you treat the voucher serious enough to do it? If you don't treat it seriously, you won't get anything back. I've always been good with mail in rebates and know that I'll make this one work for me as well.


 Re: Cashable Voucher

Author: Rosa (

How does the program work? Are you guaranteed money back or is it a crap shoot?


 Re: Cashable Voucher

Author: Paul (

better do somemore reading at the link above.

I am still waiting for the consumers trust to respond back (sent info to them in OCT 2004). Thier attorney will not return my calls or messages( Aaron Racine in KC MO). I think they are crooked. Cant say I trust them yet.

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