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 2 pane vs. 3 pane

Author: CC Russell (

Does anyone know the benefits/necessity of choosing 3-pane over 2? I'm in the Northeast and am shopping for a bay and some double hung windows that are energy efficient. What kind of price difference should I expect between 3 & 2 pane?

I've heard that construction of the window is more important? Is that true?


 Re: 2 pane vs. 3 pane

Author: Art (

CC Russell -

I'm not a pro but I think they'd agree the triple-pane krypton-filled would be better suited to your climate than the double. The benefits are at least what one would expect - greater insulation value (Higher 'R'' and lower 'U' values). Further, the cost between the two shouldn't be enough to cause one to pick the double pane unless lower initial cost at the expense of long term savings is THE determining factor.

In Connecticut there is a manufacturer known as Schuco and they build what is probably the top window in the U.S. today. Point being that you should be able to find a distributor/installer close to you. I had 19 windows replaced with Schucos' this past summer and, so far, I'm exceedingly happy with them. Especially since I'm seeing the effect of them on the ol' gas bill...

Best of luck in whatever you do.


 Re: 2 pane vs. 3 pane

Author: LS (

CC Russell,
I am a pro, and I would agree with Art, triple glazed units with Krypton-filled are the most energy efficient window on the market today. The Simonton Impressions 9800 series windows carry a 9.09 R value and a .22 U value. They also use a 3/4 constant force steel coil balance system. Schuco uses a 1/2 coil balance. 3/4 will out-perform 1/2 any day of the year, and will last longer.


 Re: 2 pane vs. 3 pane

Author: Reader (


The above mentioned triple-panes will increase the energy efficiency by about 30% over a double-pane, low-e, argon unit (U-0.22 vs. U-0.32+).


As a pro, you should be honest and let people know that a U-0.22 is an R-4.5. The 9.09 you mentioned is a center-of-glass R-value only (about the size of a quarter in the middle of the window).


 Re: 2 pane vs. 3 pane

Author: LS (

I stand corrected!

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