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 Oxford windows?

Author: Mary (192.60.241.---)

Does anyone have ever heard of Oxford Windows and Ameritech?
They came to my house on Friday and gave us a one-in-a-lifetime deal.
(I already said that in my previous post anyway...)
4 windows 64x31 and 6 windows 61x31 for $9400 without the grids.
They are triple pane but want to know if this is pricey or not.
Of course, the price was only good if we signed right away so we did. What should I do? I can cancel until tomorrow...
Thanks for any input I can get,


 Re: Oxford windows?

Author: Window4U (IL) (

Did your salesman say it was a once in a life time deal for you, or did he mean it was a once in a lifetime deal for himself???
That's $940 a window! You could do a lot better I'm sure with a product just as good or better. There are a lot of windows with the same triple glass. Personally, I'd cancel and not be rushed into anything. The deal will still be there later, trust me. Get some more estimates on windows such as Gorell, Schuco, and Simonton Impressions. They all have the triple available, and you could probably save some money too.


 Re: Oxford windows?

Author: Mary (192.60.241.---)

Thanks! I decided yesterday night to cancel. I figured that if he was not giving us the same deal in 3 weeks, then he would be soooo expensive that it would be outrageous...

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