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 r-value ranges

Author: peggy (

we are in the process of replacing windows. what is the best r-value and middle of the road r-value we should be looking for? we are planning vinyl double hung replacements.


 Re: r-value ranges

Author: windowmann2000 (

Just make sure you have low-e and argon and then you want to check the u-value, which is the recipprocal of r-value but the number your going to see on the labels of all new windows. Anything below .35 is good.


 Re: r-value ranges

Author: Jon (

Anything below .35 is good for both values? Or just the r-value?


 Re: r-value ranges

Author: Michael (

The R-value ratings given by most window manufacturers is center of glass only (about the size of a quarter). The U-factor rates the amount of energy that gets past the entire window and is much more accurate when determining energy efficiency. Low-E / Argon window technology is from 1982 and is archaic and .35 is a terrible rating. Try a company like Schuco, they have U-factors as low as .16.

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