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 Garden Windows

Author: JBrahan (

I just started shopping around for a vinyl garden window. I've seen very good things written about Tru-Frame garden windows, although there is apparently no dealer remotely near me. A dealer locally that I am comfortable with carries Great Lakes windows. Anyone out there with knowledge as to the quality of their windows in general or garden widows in particular? Any other recommendations for avoiding a leaky headache? Thanks.


 Re: Garden Windows

Author: Marc Sylvain (

I've sold and installed a lot of garden windows and the one that I like the most and haven't had a leak from is Greatlakes.



 Re: Garden Windows

Author: dave.denver (

I have just had a place tell me about the GreatLakes windows. They cost 20% more than Milgard Classic and about 10% more than Alside Sheffield (Sheffield's have a better air numbers than the Ultramax).


 Re: Garden Windows

Author: vera k. (

Hi, Marc.
I am shopping for garden window, but I do not know where to get Greatlakes windows or even company E-mail or phone#. If you have this info, please let me know. Lowes offers Accu-Weld brand, but I do not know if they any good. What is your opinion?

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