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 Renewal by Andersen

Author: george (

For anyone even thinking about replacing windows, here's a few facts to consider:

1. Andersen invented the hollow vinyl in 1959. Never manufactured it because we just could not perfect the technology.
2. Most vinyl windows are sold by "dealers" or "brokers", that are trained by the respective manufacturer in the installation of that particular brand.
3. Andersen sells through a network of brokers, dealers and wholesalers, whichever.
4. Many of the vinyl windows sold through dealers are excellent products that produce the best energy ratings.
5. Fibrex is a mixture of sawdust and polyester resins.


 Re: Renewal by Andersen

Author: Window4U (IL) (

Why? It's real simple. Way more profit and less competition in that market share. Why make a window for 150 dollars that will sell for $300 when you can make one for $175 that will sell for a thousand dollars or more. The whole composite and fiberglass window salesman's pitch depends on putting doubt in the minds of the consumer that other proven products are somehow going to fail, and convincing them it's worth double or triple the money to buy their "new" product. The problem is, these products to a tee are sub-standard in energy efficiency ratings, air infiltration rates, and design. There is not one of them that can compete with the likes of a vinyl Schuco in price, energy efficiency, spacer technology or quality of design.
Do I think these products will someday catch up in design and energy efficiency? Absolutely, but they have a long way to go, and I haven't seen even a contender yet.


 Re: Renewal by Andersen

Author: FenEx (


Undisputable? Although I appreciate your tenacity, I do question your knowledge, and so does Andersen corporate after the phone conversation I just had. The very same company that provides you the abilty to sell Renewal as their lower end replacement window uses VINYL to protect their premier product line's exteriors (i.e. Series 200, 400 as well as Permashield). Needless to say, they are not happy, so I forwarded your email address to them as requested for further training. Why bite the hand that feeds you?

Ok... I'll address the question numbers briefly:

1) Even if that were true... they obviously reconsidered the value of vinyl products.
2) You don't know Jack about the USDOE or the EPA. You simply extract excerpts that work for you. I however, was educated for cerification through their programs.
3) All Renewal windows are sold by dealers and brokers (they approach the same dealers), with the exception of a handful that Renewal absorbed corporately (Atleast one for sure because of debt). Yes, I know this.... I know a member of Renewal's corporate team.
4) Fewer than 10 vinyl lines out of over 700 are sold through HD or Lowes... and you claim they handle many? Lowes sells the bottom to mid-line products for 30-50% above market installed by subs, over privately held installation companies .... that is saving money?
5) You call 5 of over 700 a majority? They are offering a different type of product to separate themselves and avoid competition that they can't beat at a lower price due to their extreme overhead.

Thanks for sharing. Now I'll continue to your next post, (5 in an hour period) really looks desperate.

Post Edited (02-28-05 14:50)


 Re: Renewal by Andersen

Author: Guy (

I'll add nothing as you guys beat me here

The Window To Success, Is Your Installer!!


 Re: Renewal by Andersen

Author: Randy (67.21.23.---)

George... Obviously you have an agenda here. Let's tell the world some FACTS instead of trying to sell them in order to validate that "vinyl is final".

1. Renewal Fibrex is a composite that's up to 3x stronger than vinyl. Does not have expansion issues like vinyl. And looks a heck of lot better than plastic. It has over 110 patents. Andersen spent over $30 million just to invent it.
2. Renewal by Andersen is the #1 window replacement company in the country. Over $310 million alone in sales last year. Andersen had nearly $2.5 billion in '04.
3. They are not sold by "brokers" or "wholesalers". They are sold in a franchise type network hand selected by Andersen. It is a protected non-compete territory. Unlike the vinyl pimps, who everyone and their brother can sell nearly every brand of vinyl window out of their garage. You can buy Simonton from Sears or Home Depot.Who is truly the "broker"?
4. If vinyl is so good, ask yourself why Pella, Marvin, Milgard, Amsco... are all developing some form of composites?
5. Why is Andersen being flooded with calls every day from the vinyl guys begging to get into the Renewal program?

If people really want to know the facts and engineering of renewal by Andersen. Call Andersen Corp. instead of reading a bunch of biased BS on a discussion board in a site that sells vinyl windows.


 Re: Renewal by Andersen


Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 5:47 pm Post subject: A home owner who bought the "GREAT" AW story!



Buyer Beware!

Please Read This Before Purchasing

Andersen Replacement Windows

...The windows may look great, much better than the competitions, but read on...

In September of 2002 we, in good faith, had 14 Double-Hung Replacement Windows installed on our house by "Renewal by Andersen" of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (West Allis). We had these windows installed with the main purpose of saving money on our energy bills. In accordance with the Renewal by Andersen sales literature and the recommendation of the Renewal by Andersen salesperson we thought the Andersen replacement Windows would be our best choice. The Andersen sales staff stressed quality, energy efficiency, reliability and the fact that the Andersen Corporation has been established nearly 100 years ago. Compared to their competition, we also paid a premium price for these windows, thinking they were the best.

However we could not have made a worse choice. These "Fibrex" windows leak more than our 20 year old original windows. They leak tremendously between the sash and frames. The sashes move loosely in their frames for a sloppy fit. We do not believe the window weather stripping has much effect. We have had our Andersen dealer out here on two separate occasions to check out the windows. They installed a different style weather strip at the bottom of the window and added some caulk where it was missed. The fix did not correct the problem.

We were told by John Vondra, General Manager of the Milwaukee office, corporate would claim that the windows will probably meet industry and published standards if a test is performed by Andersen Corporate. The dealer said someone from the corporate office would come out but as of this date we have not heard from corporate.

We also have contacted the Andersen Corporate Office several times via their website by e-mail. They will not respond, let alone even acknowledge that they received our correspondence.

Also if you plan on having your windows done in Andersen's "Canvas" color and want a Patio Door of the same color, Good Luck! We were promised by Linda Luksan and Craig Blomker of Andersen Corporate that the patio door, in "Canvas" would be available by January of 2003. Here we are well into 2004 and it still is not available. So much for having your whole house or project match.

Originally we were very happy with the professionalism of the Milwaukee Renewal by Andersen salesperson and the crew that installed the windows. We even sent the Milwaukee office a testimonial letter dated 09/11/02 praising the installation and sales process.

If Andersen cares to dispute our claims and opinions, we welcome any independent testing agency to come over and do any heat loss testing at Andersen's expense. We are confident a infrared test will show a tremendous loss. We also invite any prospective "Renewal by Andersen" customers to our house, to judge, form their own opinion, about the quality of the Andersen product. We also would like to know if any other Andersen customers have experienced these problem and would like to compile a list of dissatisfied customers for possible future class action litigation.

Jim Galaszewski -

Update: 03/08/2004

On March 3, 2004, a mild March day, John Vondra brought over Jeff Solsvig, a representative from the Andersen Corporate office. Jeff Solsvig stated that the windows would meet their published specifications. That's exactly what John Vondra claimed he would say on John's previous visit. Two days later while Jeff was still in town I invited him back over on a very windy day. This way he could feel and hear the wind blowing through the sashes. He declined. I am convinced if he came on that day he would have had no recourse except to agree with our claims. Jeff Solsvig also stated that no matter what they would do to try and fix the problem we would not be happy. They never gave us that opportunity.

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