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 Solaris windows?

Author: Jeff K (

I'm shopping for replacement windows and am having a tremendously hard time trying to compare windows without having any of them available locally to see. This board is a great source of knowledge and frustration since 75% of the window brands discussed don't have dealer representation here in Vermont.

I've been in contact with Solaris out of Canada for a few days now and they have been very helpfull but I can't find any info about their windows here or elsewhere online. In an email they claim to be high end vinyl windows and then they go on to compare themselves to Anderson 200 (low end) and Jeld Wenn Summit which I see are rated lowly on this board. It's hard to evaluate the price they gave me without knowing what it really compares to.

Is anybody else interested in giving me a quote on windows drop shipped to me in Vermont? I'm interested in all Vinyl or Clad Wood casement windows. The issue is they need to be a dark gray/green color. Solaris offers colors as do the Milgards I've seen mentioned here (also not available in Vermont). I'm waiting for a local quote on Anderson 400's that are close in color. I also saw "Eagle" windows locally that offered a nice range of colors....anybody ever heard of them? Got an estimate on Marvins last year that seemed nice......$14,500 for 10 windows...OUCH. No thanks, I'd build a new house first.

Any and all help would be appreciated


 Re: Solaris windows?

Author: DW (

Hi Jeff:

I am now in the process of evaluating replacement windows for my son. Price led me to the Solaris casement window. I am interested in the R-value of the product and the construction. I will get back with you if I have any luck on the Solaris.

The R-value of the Andersen 400 series casement is 3.03

Whatever I choose I want the argon gas and low E


 Re: Solaris windows?

Author: DW (

Back with you again Jeff, here is what I have found at:

I definitely want the Solaris. The R value is commensurate with the Andersen. The U value for the casement with low E is .29 and the R-value is 1/.29 = 3.448
I like the Solaris because of the multiple color choices. Also if you get into the site you can review the construction. There are multiple thermo breaks within the frame work which in my opinion add not only to R-value but also to strength. All of the test results, construction, and installation is on the above web site. Good Luck, DW

Oh I almost forgot, my contractor price is $2.62 per united inch or $223.19 for an emergency egress bedroom casement window approximatly 3' X 4' with a minimum opening of 5.7 square feet to meet Michigan Building Code. Hope this helps.

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