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 replacement windows impossible?

Author: adam612 (

This might be a dumb question. I've spent the last few days doing some research on replacement window brands.

I'm in a house that's about 11 years old, we're not the original owners, and it has crappy vinyl windows that seem to let all kinds of drafts through.

For the first two winters, we tried thermal curtains, weatherstripping and caulking. It's still waaay too drafty for a new house.

So a handyman was over today to take measurements for a new patio door we're having put in when I asked him his opinion on what brand of window is best. He took one look at the windows and said we can't put in replacement windows. We'd need new construction windows, with some demolition around each frame.

So am I screwed? I can't believe in a house this common and this new that if a person wants to replace a window they'd have to go through all that... the guy says it would be about $500 per window for an average brand.

Was hoping someone with some expertise could give me their opinion.


 Re: replacement windows impossible?

Author: penner (66.237.212.---)

the problem you have with your house being so new is that your existing vinyl frames are to wide to install retro-fit windows over the top of them. it definately is not impossible it would probably just take some crafty trim work to make them look "ok" at best. your best option is to do a new construction install. this will be a more expensive install (were live 500 a hole is an average price for a retro install, you should expect to pay more for new construction install). do research in finding a good company. tell me what your house is sided with and i can give you some tips on how you should expect the install to go and things that should be in writing on your contract. also what city you are in.

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