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 Preservation windows

Author: Joyce (

Hi, I just got a quote for 17 double hung Preservation brand windows, 8 are 53 x 29, 8 are 57 x 29 and one is a bit smaller. I am also getting a storm window replaced for a small window that I'm leaving intact. All of the windows have two vertical grids on the top window to replicate what I have now.

My quote is $10,179.00. The dealer, installer has a very good rep and I've used them before to add a sunroom and a kitchen window to my home just a few years ago. I was very happy with their work and their professionalism all around.

I really just want to go with them, I don't feel like getting other quotes. I know that sounds lazy, but I've got my reasons.

They're also right down the street from me, so that's a plus.

I've been checking this site out and from what I've seen Preservation seems like a good choice. Should I just go ahead, be a loyal customer? Does the price sound right? Other than replacing two double-hung windows in my kitchen with one big slider two years ago, I'm not well versed in windows. I really want them old aluminum (30 years old at least) are horrid, ugly, and cold so I'm very excited about getting new windows!



 Re: Preservation windows

Author: Window4U (IL) (

The price is reasonable for Preservations. It's a real nice window and I'm sure you will be very happy with them.
Since this guy has treated you well before and does nice work, I think you have a good thing going. Enjoy your new windows Joyce!


 Re: Preservation windows

Author: Joyce (

Yeah! I'm so excited, we're giving them a downpayment's just nice to have another opinion.

Thanks for your reply.

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