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 Replacement Options

Author: Lynn (

I have received 3 quotes so far for replacement of 7 windows in my house in the SF Bay Area. My question is why the drastic difference. Sears Weatherbeater brand $13000, Heritage Exteriors Atrium Applause $11000,and Omni Window Systems LBL Windows $5000. Any reccomendations.


 Re: Replacement Options

Author: monty.q.public (

Read the posting of Dave Denver on 3-5-05 in
the thread labeled "Schuco". He is referring to an expensive triple-pane window that is not available on the west coast. For better advice from a pro (I am not), provide more information - like the size & style of your windows. Anlin & Polybau are two California brands which get favorable "buzz".

Windows are glasses


 Re: Replacement Options

Author: searspro (

Lynn, replacement windows are alot like vehicles, in that, there's a wide variety of prices. I guess you should take into consideration quality of the product, warranty, service after the sale, longevity of the company your dealing with, reputation in the industry, BBB reports. I've heard many horror stories about companies that do things "cheaper". If you plan on selling your house soon, I would recommend not spending so much money on the windows. If your in for the long haul, consider the higher quality investment. It just depends on what you want out of your windows.


 Re: Replacement Options

Author: mss (

call an alside dealer and ask about the sheffield

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