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 Argon Gas in Warm Climates

Author: Debi (

We are doing replacement windows in Southern California. We are considering Milgard LowE2. There is an upgrade charge for Argon. The installer said that Argon isn't needed in our climate but was intended for climates where it freezes. Anybody know anything about this? Is it worth the upgrade charge?


 Re: Argon Gas in Warm Climates

Author: Clifton Goodwin (

Hi Debi
Argon insulates year round, heat and cold, and also reduces noise transmission, so your utility bills will be lower year round and your house will be quieter. It's a worthwhile investment.


 Re: Argon Gas in Warm Climates

Author: george (

do you (CLIFTON) or anyone else know how long argas last? argas dissipates over time and, no one can say when its gone between the glass

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