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 Patio Door - New Construction or Retrofit

Author: Jeff F (

I have received multiple bids for replacing my windows with retrofit vinyl windows. I am getting mixed signals over what is best for replacing the patio door. Half of the contractors will retrofit the Patio Door. The other half will do new construction installation.

Can someone provide the pros and cons for both?

Thank you.


 Re: Patio Door - New Construction or Retrofit

Author: Guy (

Jeff as far as I'm concerned there is know other way to install a patio door than a total replacement. Even when I sell an insert job the Patio door is gone from stud to stud. There are to many ways an insert would fail if anything was left in that opening. If they can use the nail fins to attach the unit where the old brickmold was located. That's what I'd recommend, as long as it's finished off right. Total replacement is the only option. If they don't ues a nailing fin and screw it down. Just make sure the outside gets the seams covered and sealed correctly. Hope this helped!

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 Re: Patio Door - New Construction or Retrofit

Author: kris (

Was in a home recently that had a patio door installed as a retrofit. interior casing and frame reveal was very wide and door height is about 2" lower. was not impressed.

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