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 Ideal Custom Weld II

Author: Mike (198.74.13.---)

Anybody have any comments on Ideal Custom Weld II windows,quote is $1200. less then Simomton 5050, any suggestions??? Thanks.


 Re: Ideal Custom Weld II

Author: J (

talk to me i know about both,you must live in the nj/nyc area, which i service


 Re: Ideal Custom Weld II

Author: Mike (198.74.13.---)

Long Island, I am replacing 14 D/H, one 106"x48" 3 lite slider and 1 casement. I got a a good price, roughly $280. per D/H Custom Weld II w/Energy pack installed. They have thicker glass (7/8 vs 3/4) then Simonton 5050 which worked out to about an extra $100.00 per window. I don't need the best window, I was hoping for a medium line window, not the best but not the cheapest. I have seen good press on Accu-weld and wanted to get an estimate on them to see if they come in around the same as the Ideal.


 Re: Ideal Custom Weld II

Author: J (

hey mike, ideal cw2 is not a bad window, for the price. it holds up pretty well, just make sure that you get the constant force balance system rather than the spiral balance that will break. you also have to consider the company installing... if im not mistaken the 5050 is by Simonton are you sure that is a double hung rather than a single hung. hope this helps. if you want to spend a little more $$$ i'll give you some suggestions .


 Re: Ideal Custom Weld II

Author: Mike Mc (198.74.13.---)

Well, I got quoted around $5200 for 13 d/h 1 108 X 47 3 lite slider,1 casement and one obscure slider. all full screen, half grid on 7 d/h and energy bells and whistles on all,which is the lowest price yet. Then I got $7000. for same in Simintom 5500. Old frames are aluminum. I was hoping for a good value mid range window, any suggestions ???? Thank you.

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