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 Shuco or Sunrise?

Author: Capentre (

I've narrowed down my choice of windows. I like the Sunrise DH but I need two sliders for the windows along a walkway and have heard that Schuco sliders are the way to go. Any one have any convictions one way or the other?


 Re: Shuco or Sunrise?

Author: Bob (

Sunrise windows have at least 27% more glass area than Shuco. Way to much frame area. Windows are to be looked through not at.


 Re: Shuco or Sunrise?

Author: FenEx (

I'll call you on that one Bob... show the numbers on frame and sash width.


 Re: Shuco or Sunrise?

Author: Window4U (IL) (

You are right about one thing. Sunrise has some of the thinnest and lightweight frames and sashes in the industry. Very much the same dimensions as vinyl new construction builders units. On the doublehung, the frame is only about 1/2" thick in some places.
If you will post the slider dimensions, we can compare those as well since I do not have a Sunrise slider sample, just the doublehung and casement.
And although the frame to glass measurement on the side of the top sash is actually 1/4" thicker on a Sunrise than on a Schuco, they make up for it by not having even sight lines. For those of you who do not know what I mean, a vinyl doublehung has a step jamb design that results in the bottom sash being about an inch wider than the top sash. Most premium or even good mid-grade windows correct the glass not lining up from sash to sash by making the bottom sash rails wider, which results in the same width glass all the way up and down the window. Sunrise cares so much about having the skinniest frames that they just use the skinny sash on both. For example, my Sunrise sample window has the top glass at 12 7/8 wide and the bottom sash glass at 13 7/8 wide. It looks really weird, but hey,'s skinny.

Now whether it's skinny enough to give the Sunrise 27% more glass area...I suppose if the windows you are comparing are like 6 inches wide and 9 inches tall, then maybe your numbers would hold up. On normal size windows, that would make Schuco frames and sash rails what......10 or 12 inches wide??

I just measured the total frame and sash width on 16 other mainstream brands I have in my showroom. Every one of them has the same frame and sash width within 1/8" as the Schuco. Schuco does have 1/4" wider sash at the center rail than most, though Alsides is the same.
The truth is that Schuco has the same frame and sash dimensions as most mid-grade and premium windows. Sorry to ruin a good story.

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